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Italian National Tourist Board USA to Host Italia Luxury Workshop

The Italian National Tourist Board USA and Mexico are set to host the Italia Luxury Workshop, powered by Connections from 11 – 13 May 2021.

Dedicated to the luxury travel market, the three-day virtual event will see up to 150 of Italy’s leading luxury suppliers meet with hand-picked luxury travel agencies from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Ahead of the event, the Italian National Tourist Board will host Italian luxury companies and media during a virtual roundtable on Thursday 6 May. This pre-launch event will set the scene for the Italia Luxury Workshop and will focus on the current precautions and protocols relating to international travellers. The session will also discuss the post-pandemic mindset of the luxury buyer, as well as address the findings from a recent consumer research campaign.

Maria Elena Rossi, marketing & promotions director of ENIT, said: “The Italia Luxury Workshop powered by Connections is an important addition to our travel trade calendar. Attending Italian suppliers will join us for a private pre-launch event to hear the latest news, destination requirements and product releases across Italy. This will enable them to be fully equipped before attending the workshop, which promises to be a fantastic few days of highly-targeted networking.”

Designed for decision-makers in the Connections Way format, the Italia Luxury Workshop will help senior travel executives build trust through memorable experiences that lead to long-lasting business relationships.

Buyers and suppliers will meet through 30-minute one-to-one meetings complete with icebreakers, as well as an online programme of authentic, Italian experiences. Selected Italian regions will host group sessions to showcase the country’s breadth of offerings, such as its cuisine, culture and craftsmanship.

The programme will also include an educational element tailored towards the trends and challenges currently facing the Italian luxury travel market.

Caterina Orlando, US & Mexico country manager of ENIT, said: “We are proud to be hosting an exclusive event for leading Italian travel companies to meet with qualified luxury agents. As restrictions around the world are lifted, we want to ensure that Italy is in front of mind when it comes to booking travel. The Connections Way has proven itself time and again, and we are confident that this event will lead to business being generated for our luxury tourism industry.”

Micaela Giacobbe, managing director of Connections, added: “We are thrilled to be working alongside the Italian National Tourist Board once again to power its luxury travel business event. Despite the pandemic, Italy remains a popular destination for key markets such as the US, and there is no doubt that consumers are poised to travel when the time is right. We want to help decision-makers meet the right travel partners, fast-track the trust needed to do long-term business and ultimately support the recovery and resurgence of travel to this beautiful country.”

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