Hoshinoya Nara Prison

Japan’s Historic Prison to Reborn as a Unique Luxury Hotel

Japan is poised to revolutionize the concept of upscale accommodation, merging rich history with lavish comfort, as a notable former prison in Nara city undergoes a transformation into an exquisite prison hotel.

Hoshino Resorts, a renowned resort operator, is at the helm of this transformation, promising guests an “extraordinary stay” in the “Hoshinoya Nara Prison” set to open in the spring of 2026.

The iconic red brick building, dating back to the early 20th century, will house 48 rooms, created by combining multiple cells, with refurbished interiors that retain some period features, such as high windows to prevent jailbreaks. The hotel was initially slated to open in the summer of 2024 but faced delays due to the need for an earthquake resistance survey.

In addition to the luxury accommodations, plans are underway to build a museum on the site, accessible to day visitors, adding an educational dimension to the experience and allowing guests to delve deeper into the rich history of the facility.

Located near Nara Park, a tourist hotspot known for its deer and the Todai-ji temple complex, the hotel is poised to offer a unique experience, blending luxury with a taste of history.

Japan’s Oldest Prison: Nara Prison

The Nara Prison, one of the five principal penitentiaries conceived by the Meiji government, was established to align with international norms and was finalized in 1908. The facility once held 935 inmates, far exceeding its capacity of 650, and was used as a juvenile prison post-WWII until its closure in 2017. In February 2017, it was recognized as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, owing to its historical value and architectural brilliance. It was designated as a nationally important cultural property the same year.

This project, held in high regard by the government, showcases the aspirations and artistry of the Meiji era as Japan welcomed global interactions. The exquisite red brick edifice of the former incarceration facility incorporates the Haviland System, featuring a central observation tower supervising numerous radial cell wings. It remains a paradigm of Japan’s “modern prison,” exemplifying the enduring architectural and design principles of its time.

The transformation of this historic prison into a luxury hotel symbolizes a harmonious blend of the past and the present, offering guests a chance to experience the essence of Japanese culture and history in a setting of unparalleled luxury. (AA)

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