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Luxury Vacation has a New Address- The Poconos


The Poconos is a region with an unmatched vacation appeal. It is home to historic towns, unique attractions, outdoor activities, and exclusive eateries.

Everything about this region screams out ‘awesome’.  Adding another feather to Poconos’ cap is the booming luxury vacation rentals market.

Why is the Poconos’ tourism industry growing?

Poconos has four amazing counties with four seasons appeal. It is also noteworthy that the Poconos’ tourism industry has been growing since the 1960s. It is the birthplace of heart-shaped bathtubs, craft beer, historic railroads, tricky‑triangle in NASCAR and home to several sites with historic significance. The mountains, sandy shores, rivers, and beaches are some of the major points of interest amongst tourists in the Poconos.

According to a study published by luxury vacation rentals platform HolidayKeepers Holdings LLC in the year 2022, around 27.9 million people visit the Poconos every year. This study is a clear indicator of Poconos’ growing popularity. The region is famous for its natural scenic beauty, pristine lakes, resorts, campgrounds, hiking trails, parks, fishing spots, golf courses and tons of other recreational spots.

What is a Luxury Vacation rental?

Luxury vacation rentals are unique in every way.  Unlike typical bed and breakfast, hotels, lodges and other lodging establishments in the Poconos, luxury vacation rentals empower the guests to experience an entire property. It is like spending a vacation in your favorite vacation destination but with all the comforts of your home.

Here are some of the unique characteristics of luxury vacation rentals in the Poconos.

  • Privacy: The most important characteristic of a luxury vacation rental is its privacy. Luxury vacation rentals are usually established in places that are well‑connected to all the famous tourist attractions but are secluded enough to let its guests enjoy absolute privacy.
  • Space: The second most important characteristic of a luxury vacation rental is the space. Imagine having a huge mansion all to yourself for the weekend, sounds fun doesn’t it? Luxury rentals often host larger than life accommodations that are ideal for large groups and events, with free parking as part of the package.
  • Amenities: Choosing a luxury rental gives you complete access to all the amenities it has to offer. Indoor/outdoor pool, Jacuzzis, recreation room, gymnasium, indoor fireplaces, BBQ grills, fire pits, home theater, lavish living spaces, grand dining spaces and modern kitchens; some of the many amenities that a potential luxury rental offers.
  • Convenience: Luxury vacation rentals are a convenient way to spend your holidays in the Poconos. Everything from browsing to booking, to check‑in and checkout can be done online, you may book a rental for as long as you need. Some luxury rentals offer 100% contactless check‑in and checkout facility, while others accept crypto currency as a mode of payment. You can reap all the benefits technology has to offer.
  • Location: Luxury vacation rentals are set up in prime locations close to your favorite holiday destinations. For example, a lakefront vacation rental will give you private access to a lake and all the recreation activities it has to offer. A luxury cabin rental will give you access to a spectacular mountain view with access to the closest nature trails.
  • Hospitality: Apart from abundance in culture, great food, versatile shopping and nightlife, Poconos is also known for its hospitality. Luxury vacation rentals further complement Poconos’ hospitality. Most vacation rental hosts are accommodating and spare no expense in providing the ultimate holiday experience to their guests.

So the next time you visit the Poconos, be sure to check out for a luxury vacation rental near you and experience Poconos in a unique way.

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