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BMA House Focuses on W for Wellbeing Across Delegate Food Offering

London based, sustainable venue, BMA House have introduced a (w) symbol for Wellbeing across their hospitality menu’s, to sit alongside the commonly used (vg) for Vegan and (v) for Vegetarian.

Dishes marked with a (w) may be low in saturated fat or have reduced sugar or calories and are more environmentally friendly by being primarily plant based and providing an alternative protein to meat. The menus have been designed and created by BMA’s catering partner CH&CO.

Implementing these changes to their menu and providing delegates with more nutritious food options has further reinforced BMA House’s commitment to sustainability. Anecdotal evidence from delegates already include suggestions of improvement in their functioning, from attentiveness to higher energy levels.

CH&CO focus on British produce and wholesome food and have created these innovative menus, which are notable for stunning presentation and high-quality ingredients. With taste and wellbeing at the core of everything they do, their chefs only use the finest seasonal ingredients and create menus that are both nutritious and innovative.

BMA House’s offering of outside space with The Courtyard and Garden is in keeping with their messages of wellbeing and sustainability especially as some of the produce used in their food is grown there. These spaces also provide delegates with an area to relax and escape the hecticness of a normal working day.

“Our focus here at BMA House has always been to come up with new, innovative ways to help the environment whilst ensuring our delegates receive the best quality food and get the most out of our facilities. As our launch of our ‘W’ concept has been such a great success, we are really looking forward to continuing and further developing this idea and seeing what more we can do to guarantee delegates are having the best possible experience whilst at BMA House,” comments Kat Winfield, venue manager of BMA House

For further information on holding a wellbeing focused and sustainable event (including Wellbeing DDR packages) at BMA House, please contact the events team on 020 7874 7020 or visit http://www.bmahouse.org.uk/

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