Uta Goretzky and Tommy Goodwin

Global Event Bodies ECA and IFES Forge New Alliance


The Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance (ECA) and the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) have proudly announced their new partnership, which will focus on enhancing global collaboration and knowledge sharing within the events industry.

This alliance is formed with a shared conviction that the prosperity of the global events sector hinges on international cooperation and collective action. ECA and IFES are set to join forces on various initiatives, including educational programs, policy forums, advocacy support, and other activities aimed at nurturing the broader event community.

IFES President Phillipe Beille highlighted the partnership’s significance, stating that ECA’s understanding of how trade shows impact the business events industry and the global economy is crucial. “Together, we will raise awareness of the exhibition and events industry through a single, powerful voice!” he declared, emphasizing the strength that comes from unity and collaboration.

Uta Goretzky, IFES Executive Director, expressed anticipation for the cooperation, citing the success of the European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA) as a model for effective advocacy and problem-solving within the industry. The partnership aims to amplify the organizations’ voice in the American market and share valuable insights across daily operations.

Tommy Goodwin, Vice President of ECA, pointed out the global nature of the challenges faced by the business events industry, such as sustainability, workforce development, technological integration, and international commerce. He mentioned that the partnership would seek global solutions and share best practices to influence policy decisions in favor of the industry’s progress, not just in the U.S. but internationally as well.

With this partnership, ECA and IFES are poised to catalyze significant advances for event professionals and stakeholders worldwide, aiming to make a substantial impact on an industry at the heart of global business and community engagement.

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