Busan Builds Firm MICE Infrastructure

Busan Builds Firm MICE Infrastructure as an International Convention City

Busan is an international convention city that is receiving attention worldwide. According to an announcement made in 2018 by the Union of International Associations (UIA), Busan ranks 4th in Asia and 12th in the world as an international convention city.

Busan is widely recognized as a world-renowned international convention city and has remained listed among the top 15 global international convention cities for the past six years. Busan has been able to maintain this status thanks to its robust infrastructure as a meeting host. The city boasts customized venues in various sizes that suit the needs of meeting planners as well as the administrative and financial support systems needed to host successful events. In other words, Busan is an ideal city for hosting international conventions and is capable of accommodating all sorts of MICE events without any issues.

Professionalism and Organization in Convention Centers

Busan bexco BpexSource: Busan Tourism Organization, Busan Port International Terminal Exhibition and Convention Center (BPEX)

Busan is equipped with a diverse selection of convention halls. The Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) has continued to host international conventions as the leading convention center in Busan. BEXCO’s total indoor area measures 46,380㎡, including a convention hall that can accommodate up to 5,340 people, and features 50 convention rooms and an auditorium. In 2023, a third exhibition hall is expected to open for the future hosting of events that are even more diverse in size and character. The Nurimaru APEC House at Haeundae and the BPEX located in the old downtown area boast open views of the ocean that do justice to the reputation of Busan as a marine city. The convention centers of Busan boast not only superior expertise but also systematic facilities.

Unique Sensibilities of Unique Venues

Busan Cinema Center TheBaySource: Busan Tourism Organization

The Unique Venues of Busan can also be actively utilized for conventions and banquets. The Busan Cinema Center is a famous landmark of Busan listed in the Guinness Book of Records for its roof, which shines each night thanks to the installation of over 40,000 LED lights. At the Unique Venues, convention halls, performance halls, small- and medium-sized theaters, outdoor stages, and multipurpose halls are housed inside beautiful buildings, allowing for the hosting of special events. Other Unique Venues include Museum DAH, the largest digital media museum in Korea, The Bay 101, which is popular for its beautiful night view of the ocean, and F1963, a former steel mill that has been transformed into a cultural space.

Extensive Selection of Hotels

Busan hotels HyattParkSource: Busan Tourism Organization

Busan’s hotels also contribute to its reputation as an international convention city. There are a total of 59,791 rooms in Busan, 15,481 of which are located in the Centum City and Haeundae areas for easy access. Busan’s five-star hotels and business hotels are evenly distributed throughout the city, which means that event planners can make any range of choices, depending on the budget and other characteristics of their event. More importantly, hotels in Busan do not only serve as lodging facilities, but also function as MICE event venues. The ocean views, special foods, and outstanding services that are only provided by Busan hotels are part of what make Busan an unrivaled host of conventions and banquets.

Support System and Network

Busan Tourism Organization BTO logoSource: Busan Tourism Organization

Busan is also backed by strong support and robust networks. The Busan Tourism Organization, which is dedicated to attracting international conventions to the city, supports activities for the attraction, promotion, and hosting of international conventions in Busan. These activities range from attraction activities and overseas promotion to cost- and service-related support for conventions to be hosted in Busan. Through such support and cooperative activities, Busan has been able to successfully attract the 2022 International Microscopy Congress (IMC) and the 2024 International Geological Congress (IGC). The Busan MICE Alliance, consisting of 183 MICE companies, is one of the partners of the Busan Tourism Organization that supports MICE events through its robust network.

Busan is a city where tourism and business flourish simultaneously. Busan was designated the first “International Tourism City” in Korea, and its Haeundae area was designated an “International Convention Complex Zone.” Through a five-year government support agreement, Busan is expected to reinforce its outstanding infrastructure and support system as it marches forward to become the top international convention city in the world. To that end, the city is endlessly developing and advancing its various infrastructures. When considering locations for your next international convention, make Busan your No. 1 choice!

For more information visit The Busan Convention Bureau

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