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Celebrate Spring with Vilnius’s Unique Festivals and Fairs


Vilnius, Lithuania’s vibrant capital, is all set to welcome spring with a unique blend of festivities that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit.

From traditional celebrations like the Lithuanian Shrove Tuesday to the novel Donut Festival and the time-honored Kaziukas Fair, there’s something for everyone this season.

On February 13th, the city comes alive with Užgavėnės, Lithuania’s take on Mardi Gras, celebrated with enthusiasm and traditional customs. This day-long event is filled with laughter, games, and the consumption of pancakes, symbolizing health and strength for the year ahead. In a delightful twist, this year’s celebration is enhanced with the inaugural Donut Festival, adding a sugary note to the day’s festivities.

February is still considered as winter but no worries, if you visit Vilnius in this season, the city still also offers a plethora of winter activities, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the charm and beauty of Lithuania’s capital even in the colder months.

The Donut Festival, running from February 1st to 14th in Vilnius Old Town, promises a creative farewell to winter. Hosted by the Stiklo Quartier, known for its inventive initiatives, the festival will feature a variety of international treats, merging the joy of Užgavėnės with a global culinary experience.

Donut Festival Menu

AUGUSTAS IR BARBORA Love Story Cafe (Stiklių g. 7)
Homemade pancakes
Fluffy cottage cheese cones
Old-style donut

COZY (Dominikonų g. 10)
Legendary custard pancakes

Bombollini Italian donuts

PULPO TAPAS BAR (Stiklių g. 16)
Spanish donuts

PUARO (M. Antokokolskio g. 13)
Belgian waffles with ice cream

Pancakes with cottage cheese
Donuts with cabbage/mushrooms

MARKUS IR KO (M. Antokokolskio g. 11)
Pancakes with caviar
Pancakes with prawns
Pancakes with ice cream and hot chocolate

LOKYS (Stiklių g. 8)
Beigel with venison

BALZAC (Savičiaus g. 7)
French pancakes

KEPYKLĖLĖ GRŪDAS (Senatorių pasažas)
Danish Festivalensboller

Set in the historical Stiklo Quarter of Vilnius Old Town, the festival is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. It offers a unique opportunity to indulge in a wide range of Mardi Gras delicacies, from churros to pancakes with caviar, amidst the charm of the city’s ancient streets.

The Kaziukas Fair, another highlight of Vilnius’s spring calendar, takes place in early March, signaling the start of the season. This grand event, which is free for everyone, rooted in the canonization of Grand Duke Casimir in the 17th century, transforms the city center into a bustling marketplace of crafts, food, and music.

Visitors to the Kaziukas Fair can expect a vibrant atmosphere filled with live performances, traditional Lithuanian treats like baranka and gingerbread, and a variety of handcrafted goods. The fair’s lively stalls, spread across Gediminas Street and surrounding areas, offer an authentic taste of Lithuania’s cultural richness.



1. Find Everything in One Place

The Kaziukas Fair is a one-stop destination for an incredibly diverse range of items, truly offering something for everyone. With an extensive array of traders and artisans participating, visitors are guaranteed to find items that cater to their tastes.

From charming trinkets to real art pieces, traditional handicrafts from across Lithuania, and numerous examples of modern design, the fair is a treasure trove for shoppers.

2. Experience Vilnius and Lithuanian Traditions

There’s no better way to get acquainted with Vilnius and the rich traditions of Lithuania than by visiting the Kaziukas Fair.

This event, with a history spanning over 400 years, stands as a testament to Lithuania’s enduring cultural heritage in an ever-evolving country.

3. Savor Traditional Lithuanian Dishes

The fair is also a culinary haven, offering the perfect chance to taste a broad spectrum of traditional Lithuanian cuisine.

From various breads, meats, and dairy products to honey, herbs, sweets, and the renowned Lithuanian homemade beer, the Kaziukas Fair invites you to explore new flavors and indulge in the country’s gastronomic delights.

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