ICCA and ASAE: A Renewed Vision for Global Associations


The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has announced the renewal of its strategic partnership with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), marking a significant step forward in enhancing access to valuable content and community for the global association ecosystem.

This renewal comes after the initial agreement signed in March 2022, which set the stage for both organizations to leverage their respective strengths. The partnership has since flourished, leading to a unanimous decision to continue this collaboration, thereby expanding opportunities for engagement and knowledge sharing among association leaders worldwide and the broader global association meetings community.

By aligning their shared goals and strategic plans, ICCA and ASAE are committed to maintaining a sharp focus on peer-to-peer learning and the development of a comprehensive global community. This collaborative effort is expected to foster a stronger network of association professionals, facilitating the exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions across borders.

The partnership will also see ICCA and ASAE seeking joint exhibiting opportunities and issuing co-authored statements, utilizing the unique power and reach of each organization to support and uplift both communities within the industry.

ICCA CEO, Senthil Gopinath, expressed his enthusiasm about the renewed partnership, highlighting the value that strategic collaborations bring to their members. “These are very exciting times for the international meetings and events industry. Visionary collaborations such as this raise the bar on what might be achieved at all levels of society. We look forward to creating an even stronger value proposition for all, ensuring that the positive impact of our community is recognized globally,” Gopinath stated.

ASAE President and CEO Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE, also shared her thoughts on the importance of this partnership in navigating the constant changes and disruptions faced by association leaders worldwide. “The key to managing change and staying ahead of the curve lies in how we partner to advance our organizations and the relevancy of the entire sector. I’m thrilled that we have renewed our relationship with ICCA, expanding opportunities for engagement and knowledge sharing between global association leaders and meeting professionals,” Mason commented.

Through this renewed partnership, ICCA and ASAE are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global association ecosystem, fostering a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and community that transcends borders.

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