ICCA’s Vision for Professional Excellence: ICCASkills Centre Launches in Luxembourg


ICCA, in a renewed show of strength, has unveiled a strategic partnership with the Luxembourg Convention Bureau.

This collaboration heralds a fresh chapter in professional development within the global business events sector. The partnership paves the way for the establishment of an exclusive International Centre for Advancement (ICAI) in Luxembourg, dedicated to the ICCASkills certification programme. This initiative aims to bolster the skills and expertise of industry professionals.

Both ICCA and the Luxembourg Convention Bureau share a vision of raising industry benchmarks and championing capacity building. The newly established ICAI in Luxembourg is poised to become a central hub, offering on-site training programmes. These programmes are tailored for individuals aiming to secure their credentials as Certified International Convention Specialists (CICS) or Certified International Convention Executives (CICE). This long-term endeavour places Luxembourg at the heart of professional advancement initiatives across Europe.

Senthil Gopinath, ICCA’s CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its significance in broadening the global footprint of ICCASkills. He said, “This partnership is a testament to ICCA’s commitment to the ICCASkills programme. Our collaboration with the Luxembourg Convention Bureau is instrumental in empowering business events professionals. By offering certified training, we aim to drive excellence in the sector and underscore ICCA’s position as a global industry trailblazer.”

The ICCASkills certification programme is meticulously crafted to provide exhaustive and niche training to professionals navigating the multifaceted business events industry. The programme not only equips individuals with the requisite knowledge and skills but also instills confidence, propelling them to excel in their respective roles. Moreover, securing a CICS or CICE certification amplifies the commercial significance of ICCASkills graduates within their organizations.

François Lafont, CEO of the Luxembourg Convention Bureau, shared his excitement about the collaboration. He remarked, “Aligning with ICCA to launch the exclusive International Centre for Advancement of ICCASkills in Luxembourg is a momentous step. Our shared vision of positioning Luxembourg as a premier hub for knowledge enhancement in the business events sector is now coming to fruition. We are optimistic that this initiative will amplify the proficiency of professionals throughout Europe.”

This forward-thinking partnership positions the Luxembourg Convention Bureau as a distinguished destination for in-person ICCASkills training. Participants will have the unique opportunity to hone their skills in an enriching learning environment, guided by the industry’s luminaries.

The inception of the ICAI in Luxembourg is a testament to the collaborative spirit of both entities. Their joint vision is to establish a central point of convergence for industry stakeholders, local authorities, associations, and professionals. The overarching goal is to augment their skill sets and play a pivotal role in shaping the future trajectory of the global business events arena.

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