ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter Conference 2024

ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter Sets Leeds for 2025 Annual Conference

Leeds has been chosen as the prestigious host city for the ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter Conference in 2025, following the announcement at the close of this year’s highly successful event.

The announcement came on the heels of the 2024 conference in Belfast, which saw a record attendance of 145 delegates from the ICCA community, along with 25 local students, highlighting the event’s growing influence and reach.

The Belfast conference, themed “Embracing Resilience and Competing for Change,” underscored the adaptability and innovative spirit of the ICCA community. Key features of the event included insightful discussions on greenwashing, a leadership program by SistersIN aimed at empowering female students, and activities designed to promote understanding and inclusion among participants.

Organized by Visit Belfast and Belfast ICC, the 2024 conference offered a rich agenda that included optional tours, diverse sessions on various topics, and a gala dinner at the Titanic Experience, raising £725 for the “Changing the Menu for Good” initiative. This gathering served as a vital platform for networking, sharing knowledge, and preparing for future challenges in the dynamic market.

Suzanne Singleton, Chair of the ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter, expressed anticipation for the 2025 conference in Leeds, aiming to build upon the resilience, innovation, and change celebrated in Belfast.

The Leeds conference is expected to leverage the city’s cultural and modern amenities to provide an enriching backdrop for discussions on advancing the association community and engaging with future talent.

Sarah Iluyemi of Visit Belfast highlighted the 2024 conference’s role in showcasing Belfast’s capabilities in hosting major events and its contribution to the local knowledge economy. The success of the conference reinforces Belfast’s reputation as a top destination for business and leisure, promoting further growth in tourism and hospitality.

The ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter extends its gratitude to all participants, speakers, and organizers of the 2024 conference for their contributions to its success. The 2025 conference in Leeds, scheduled for 26-28 February, is eagerly anticipated by the community, promising to offer another opportunity for growth, learning, and collaboration.

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