"Beyond Borders" by ICCA

ICCA’s “Beyond Borders” Report Illuminates the Future of Business Events

On February 28, 2024, in Amsterdam, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) released “Beyond Borders,” a comprehensive digital report. This report delves into the transformative power of business events over the past six decades and anticipates future trends.

Beyond Borders” is distinguished by its multimedia approach, incorporating video interviews, dynamic data visualizations, and expert analyses. It showcases insights from a wide range of contributors, including industry leaders from IMEX, ASAE, Oxford Economics, associations, CVBs, government bodies, and political advocates.

Breaking from its traditional five-year reporting cycle, ICCA has adapted to the significant changes the world has seen, especially in light of the global pandemic. The report highlights the innovation and resilience that are guiding the industry’s resurgence, offering valuable resources for ICCA members and the global community.

The report draws on ICCA’s unique 60-plus-year history to chart the growth of business meetings and events and their societal impacts. “Beyond Borders” not only reflects on past achievements but also focuses on the future challenges and opportunities in the industry.

ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath emphasizes the report’s role in addressing critical issues such as the world economy, industry economic value, talent development, meeting trends, and social sustainability. Gopinath highlights the importance of the human element in the industry, stressing that “Beyond Borders” is a call to unity and action within the global business event community.

“Beyond Borders” is accessible to all stakeholders in the global industry, underscoring the role of business events in driving social, political, and cultural change.

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