Qatar-Morocco Year of Culture Event at Doha Museum of Islamic Art

Moroccan Cultural Heritage Lights Up Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art

In Doha, Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) hosted a splendid “Moroccan Night at the Museum” event on March 25, 2024, under the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture initiative.

This memorable evening, a collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Qatar, showcased the rich Moroccan heritage and previewed the exciting cultural exchanges ahead.

The event, drawing over 300 attendees, celebrated the cultural bridge between Qatar and Morocco through the Berber Jewelry Collection exhibition from Rabat’s Oudayas, National Museum of Adornment. On display were over 200 pieces of Amazigh jewelry, marking a significant first-time exhibition outside Morocco, available for viewing at MIA until May 20, 2024. This exhibition offered guests a deep dive into the Amazigh people’s legacy, spotlighting the exquisite artistry and symbolism of their jewelry.

Moroccan Night  at Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar

Adding to the evening’s allure, Moroccan artist Othman Belkadi created an oil painting live, inspired by the Amazigh jewelry’s intricate designs. The event also featured a rich tapestry of Moroccan culture, including traditional tea, Ramadan sweets, a performance by Nass El Hal Band, and an exhibition of handcrafted Moroccan Caftans from Maison Chaker, providing a comprehensive cultural experience for all guests.

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