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Shanghai Tourism Festival 2015 Begins on September 12

Shanghai Tourism Festival 2015 will open on September 12. The “Silk Road on the Sea” event this year will feature myriad festivities, helping promote cooperation between, and resources sharing among, different regions in the field of tourism.

Ornately festooned floats from Henan’s Luoyang, Yunnan’s Baoshan, Guizhou’s Zunyi and Sichuan’s Dujiangyan will be the in the grand procession at the opening ceremony. They will serve up an extravaganza along Huaihai Road in the night on September 12 together with performers from the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Belarus, Australia, Mauritius and India.

Festivities of rich distinctive Shanghai flavor include, among others, Shanghai Qipao show which focuses on the city’s traditional attire, and a 3D dancing and lights show which focuses on the city’s traditional architecture. They will make the festival blend in perfectly with the city called Shanghai.

During Shanghai Tourism Festival, Shanghai’s 61 attractions and tourist-centric sites will offer 50% discounts on admission tickets. Shanghai Food Festival will be a showcase of the city’s food-savvy culture. Shanghai Cruise Festival will promote a novel way of travel. The “Jogging in Green Forests – World Car Free Day” will publicize running and jogging, a red-hot way of getting fit, and provide an opportunity to be at one with nature.

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