IDF World Diabetes Congress 2025

Thailand to Host Prestigious IDF World Diabetes Congress 2025


In a monumental announcement that underscores Thailand’s growing prominence as a global medical hub, Bangkok is set to host the “IDF World Diabetes Congress 2025”. This landmark event, known as one of the world’s most significant conferences on diabetes, is the first of its kind to be held in Southeast Asia.

The President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, declared the news with palpable excitement. He emphasized the opportunity’s significance for the Thai government, private sectors, and stakeholders to synergize, ensuring the seamless organization of the event scheduled from April 7-10, 2025, at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC).

Reinforcing TCEB’s mission to make Thailand a premier destination for conventions and exhibitions, this achievement aligns seamlessly with the nation’s long-term strategy. It aims at fortifying Thailand’s reputation as a medical powerhouse and advancing its position in the industries of the future.

The economic implications of hosting the IDF 2025 are immense. Forecasts predict an influx of over 10,000 international participants, culminating in revenue generation upwards of 420 million baht. Beyond this direct income, the ripple effects are estimated at around 800 million baht in economic stimulus, potential contributions of approximately 440 million baht to the GDP, job creation for 560 individuals, and a surge in tax revenue by about 27 million baht.

IDF’s President, Prof. Akhtar Hussain, shed light on the congress’s primary objectives. The event intends to amplify attention, foster collaborations, and catalyze global initiatives focusing on diabetes. Thailand’s pivotal geographical position, with a third of all diabetes patients in the Western Pacific region, further emphasizes the event’s significance.

On the national front, Prof. Emeritus Wannee Nitiyanant, President of the Diabetes Association of Thailand, highlighted the monumental occasion this represents for Thailand. As the maiden Southeast Asian nation to host the event, Thailand stands to amplify its healthcare prowess on the global stage.

The Ministry of Public Health’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, Dr. Narong Saiwong, illuminated the stark reality of diabetes in Thailand. The nation witnesses an alarming surge of 300,000 new cases annually. Drawing attention to the paramount significance of patient education, Dr. Saiwong echoed Thailand’s commitment to spearhead efforts in diabetes control.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Mr. Suksan Kittisupakorn, resonated with this sentiment. Citing public health as a critical focal point for Bangkok, he alluded to initiatives like the “Urban Disease” policy to address diabetes. Beyond healthcare, he emphasized Bangkok’s richness in culture, heritage, and economy, ensuring a holistic experience for congress attendees.

Closing on a high note, Mr. Chiruit spoke of the landmark decision’s resonance with TCEB’s recent campaign, “Thailand MICE to Meet You Year 2023”. The nation’s trajectory as a MICE destination looks promising with several global events on the horizon.

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