The Glen Grant launches new limited edition single malt whisky

The Glen Grant Hosts Exclusive Launch Event In Partnership with Rolls Royce

The Glen Grant, the award-winning single malt scotch from Speyside, hosted an exclusive event at the new Rolls Royce showroom in Mayfair to celebrate the launch of a refined, limited-edition 60 year-old single malt scotch whisky.

The release is in celebration of and tribute to, the storied, six-decades long career of The Glen Grant’s own Dennis Malcolm, known as one of Scotland’s longest serving distillers. Attendees such as designer Joshua Kane, Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz and Editor of NetJets Farhad Heydari, had the chance to enjoy a taste of the rare liquid in a toast led by Master Distiller Malcolm himself, following addresses from Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Campari Group.

For almost 22,000 days and nights, this carefully distilled amber malt whisky has matured naturally in a hand-selected Oloroso sherry cask, filled on October 24th, 1960 – the oldest, to date, distillery bottling in the brand’s 181 year history. An extremely rare and precious liquid, The Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition, is a luxurious, aromatic spirit, exuding an elegance that can only be achieved with time and dedication. The result is – quite simply – a sublime masterpiece. With only 360 decanters available, this complex alchemy of spirit and time is a rare specimen and a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Before having the pleasure to sample the rare, refined 60 year old spirit, guests enjoyed The Glen Grant cocktails and noshed on canapes while they sipped drinks neat and on the rocks from the award-winning, world-renowned The Glen Grant core range, including the 15 and 18 Year Old aged spirits.

The first of the decanters (Bottle No. 88) was purchased at auction during a special dinner at the Shanghai St Regis Hotel in China last week. The winning bid came from Ms. Luo Xiaorong, a whisky collector from Chengdu, who bid 380,000 RMB for the bottle, making it the highest-price sale in The Glen Grant’s history.

“With the launch of The Glen Grant®️ Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition, we celebrate and pay tribute to the career of a true Scottish gentleman and globally recognized Scotch Whisky craftsman- an unwavering champion for the whisky industry,” remarked co-host Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Campari Group.

“With craftsmanship at the heart of The Glen Grant, it was only fitting that we partner with a brand that embodies British quality and luxury, and so we looked to Rolls Royce and its showroom in Mayfair. This is an incredibly exciting time for The Glen Grant as we make our entrance into the luxury market, and we could think of nowhere better to showcase this extremely special expression of our portfolio.”

Each marked with a bespoke number, every one of the 360 decanters have been made from hand-blown crystal glass, designed by world renowned Glencairn Studio, and are based on the design of the distillery’s unique tall slender pot stills. Nestled in an elegant presentation case crafted from sustainable walnut, the decanter itself requires over 15 hours of expert craftsmanship for each creation, encompassing intricate details which symbolize the unique aromas of The Glen Grant. Each presentation case has the Master Distiller’s signature engraved within it and includes a Certificate of Authenticity, signed personally by Dennis Malcolm.

‘It’s been such a joy to spend my life working in an industry and with a craft that I’m so passionate about. Much like our UK launch partner, Rolls Royce, The Glen Grant has always been about consistent dedication to craftsmanship and quality, and this comes across in the high standard of what we produce. This quality cannot be maintained without the right people, looking after the brand and ensuring that care and attention go into every bottle. This evening was a night to celebrate all of the people who have made The Glen Grant the brand that it is today.”

The Glen Grant Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition Aged 60 Years is priced at € 25,000.00 and will be available in select retailers in global markets beginning in October, 2021. The launch event and release of the new expression marks an exciting new chapter for The Glen Grant, showcasing the incredible six decade career of the Master Distiller on the world’s stage


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