Antalya Indian wedding

Antalya Hosts 3-days-3-nights-long Indian Weddings

Antalya, recognized as the tourism hub and visited by millions of tourists annually, is the venue for grand Indian weddings that span over three days and nights and cost millions of dollars.

Famous for its sea, sand, sun, history, tourist attractions, natural coves and luxury facilities, Antalya is visited by tourists from different countries every year. The city has come to the fore as the address of Indian weddings, especially in recent years.

The luxury hotels in Belek Tourism Center have become the favorite of high-budget weddings, the preparations of which started months in advance.

The spices to be used in the meals, the staff and the cooks to serve at the wedding are brought from abroad.

One of these magnificent weddings was held for the children of an Indian family dealing with trade in Canada.

Preparations for the wedding started six months in advance. In addition to 250 guests from India, artists, 200 staff and 25 Indian chefs came to the city by private planes.

Decorations were prepared using thousands of flowers in the hotel where the wedding will be held.

The million-dollar wedding, which was organized according to Indian traditions, started with the “Welcome” party.

The wedding continued with the “bridal high tea” and dances of the families of bride and groom on the second day.

At the wedding, where the artists gave concerts, 25 Indian chefs prepared special menus with the support of the hotel’s chefs.

On the third day, a religious ceremony and barat ceremony were held. Banquets, as well as dance and musical entertainments, were held as part of the wedding.

Sadi Algan, project manager of Inventum Global, who organized the wedding, said that they are proud to hold the 23rd wedding in the city this year.

“Guests from various parts of the world came here for the wedding of Indian families living in Canada. These high-budget weddings make an incredible contribution to Türkiye’s economy in terms of the employment they create. We aim to hold more than 50 weddings this year,” Algan said. (AA)

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