How to Choose the Right Maritime Accident Lawyer for Your Case


Maritime accidents and injuries are unfortunately too common. Such incidents leave seamen dealing with severe injuries for the rest of their lives, lost wages, inability to work, and other losses depending on the circumstances of their case.

Because of this, if you suffer a maritime injury while working, it is crucial to get the best legal representation possible so that you can receive compensation for your troubles. Working with a good maritime accident lawyer will ensure that you receive what you are due. Click URL here to learn more. Here is what you should consider when choosing the right maritime accident lawyer for your case!

Courtroom Experience

One of the first things you should consider before working with a maritime accident lawyer is their courtroom experience. Not all maritime accident cases go to court. However, if your case proves difficult, you might not have a choice.

A good maritime lawyer will be able to intimidate the at-fault parties and the insurance companies into accepting a settlement outside the court. Yet, sometimes this doesn’t work, and you should opt for a lawyer with courtroom experience and knowledge about safety issues such as routine maintenance, shipping schedules, and heavy workloads.

Even if you have a strong case on your hands, you shouldn’t dismiss the fact that the other party will also use a lawyer for the maritime lawsuit defense. This is why your lawyer’s courtroom experience will play a significant role in how your case turns out.

Client Reviews and Results

Nothing speaks louder than action. A good maritime lawyer would have plenty of client feedback if they did a good job on their case. Because of this, it’s important to take your time and analyze your maritime lawyer’s reviews, testimonials, and case results.

Here, you can also see what types of maritime cases they took and how they went. If the maritime lawyer did a great job on cases similar to yours, then it’s a good green flag that you should consider.


Maritime laws and cases aren’t easy to handle and understand. However, for those that shine in their field, it’s common to see them awarded in some way. Because of this, if you want the best maritime lawyer on your side for your case, you should also check out their awards.

Awards aren’t easily given in law matters. Lawyers and their firms need to have proven successful track records of cases under their belts to be even considered for such positions. If you find some awards on the website of a law firm or lawyer page that caught your attention that sounds something like “best lawyer” or “best law firm,” then you know you are at the right place.

Financial & Office Resources

A maritime injury claim will sometimes require other experts to come in and help your case if it goes to court. These experts are expensive. However, your lawyer or law firm will take care of hiring and paying these experts until your case is over.

If your lawyer doesn’t have the necessary financial resources to do so, then your case will suffer. Similarly, your claim will require office resources and other skills to prove your claim, obtain evidence, and documents, prepare witnesses, and more. A maritime attorney without the necessary financial and office resources to back up your claim won’t be able to get you the desired results for your case.

Referrals From Other Attorneys

Sometimes, attorneys from across the state may recommend another law firm for your case. This is a clear indication that there is a level of respect here that isn’t so easily gained. It is a clear sign that the maritime accident attorney is suitable for your case and well worth trying.

Your case may truly be too hard or complex for other attorneys to handle. However, if they recommend someone else, then no one can point out how good someone is, if not a person from their own domain.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly, the final method to choose the proper maritime accident lawyer for your case is to go with your gut instinct. Search the area for lawyers and request a consultation on your case. Once you meet with these lawyers, you will feel that they are a good fit for your case.

Ask them about how many Jones Act claims they won, similar cases to yours, and other potential questions that you feel will let you know right away if they are a good fit for your particular case.

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