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Continent Worldwide Hotels Expands its Portfolio Internationally

Continent Worldwide Hotels, which develops Turkish hotel brands and successfully implements its growth strategy through franchise and management agreements, continues to grow in Turkey, Vietnam, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia with the brands “AncyrA Hotels & Inns” and “Continent Hotels & Resorts”.

Nurperi Sabirbek, Member of the Board of Directors and Global Communications Director of the company, gave the following information about Continent Worldwide Hotels’ recent breakthroughs and their efforts to develop and expand Turkish hotel brands abroad; “Three new agreements we signed in the past months have brought our company Continent Worldwide Hotels new partners that we believe will grow us in South Asia in a short time.

In Pakistan, the newly established Continent Hotels Pvt. Ltd aims to expand our Continent Hotels & Resorts and AncyrA Hotels & Inns brands in the country. We have decided to promote our brands all over the country and make future openings, respectively.

The groundbreaking ceremony of our first hotel, Continent Luxury Suites & Residences, will be held in Islamabad in December.

In addition, we will grow with our AncyrA Hotel & Inns brand in all primary and secondary cities of Pakistan. This growth will be with the participation of existing unbranded hotels to the AncyrA brand through franchises, but there will also be hotels that will start new construction.

In India, with the Invision Brands Consulting Pvt. Ltd., we decided to grow only in the middle segment with the AncyrA Hotels & Inns brand via franchise agreements.

“AncyrA Hotels & Inns drew attention with its hotels in Indonesia and Vietnam”

AncyrA Hotels & Inns has been representing our country abroad as a Turkish brand for the last few years.

Providing service in Poso, Indonesia, AncyrA Hotel by Continent Poso has been successfully operating since 2017.

Stating that two more hotels in Hanoi and Danang cities of Vietnam have been added to their group this year, Sabirbek said, “The opening of AncyrA Hotel Danang and AncyrA Hotel Hanoi attracted attention in the region, and this year with a company that has been providing management services in Vietnam for many years. We signed an agreement to increase our franchise sales in the market as well. Ritz International Co. Ltd. Vietnam will promote and market all brands affiliated with Continent Worldwide Hotels.

Dove Queen Entrance

Also, AncyrA Dove Sea Queen Hotel with 80 room capacity, which is under construction in Cox’s Bazaar city of Bangladesh, will be put into service in the summer of 2023.

Hotels from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon

Shady Boueiry, who is responsible for the Middle East and Gulf region and has recently joined Continent Worldwide Hotels, said that in addition to Nurperi Sabirbek’s statements, they signed franchise and management support agreements for three hotels in Saudi Arabia this month.

Boueiry conveyed the following information: “Continent Hotel Al Uqayr is a new 80-room facility and will open in November 2022. Al Waha Palace, which is currently open, will continue its services as Continent Hotel Al Waha- Riyadh as of November. Arac Resort Yanbu, which still provides service with 85 rooms in Yanbu, one of the resort cities of Saudi Arabia, will be put into service in January 2023 as Continent Resort Yanbu after the renovation.

Shady Boueiry said that they will make their announcements in more than 8 confirmed hotels in addition to these three hotels, and that two independent hotels will soon be branded in Lebanon as “by Continent Collection“.

 “To grow as a mid-range and eco-segment hotel chain in Pakistan and India”

Continent Hotels Pvt. Ltd Pakistan CEO Mustafa Hussain Syed said: “Pakistan has a very large population. And all investors want to invest in 4 and 5 star hotels or make deals with hotel brands in this segment. However, the reality is not like this in our country. The mid-segment market share is much larger. For this reason, we wanted to introduce the AncyrA Hotels & Inns brand, which is one of the brands in our portfolio that is suitable for this segment, in the market. There is a great interest and love for Turks and Turkey in our country. I have full confidence that there will be great interest in the brands of Continent, as it is a Turkish company.”

Invision Brands Consulting Pvt. In a statement, Gaurav Manya, CEO of Ltd India, said: “We have observed that the demands for brands and hotels in the economic and middle segments in India have also increased recently. As a result of our research, we believed that AncyrA was the most suitable hotel brand in price parity, and after learning about the growth policy in the region, the best partner for us would be Continent Worldwide Hotels. We signed our Master Franchise agreement for India in August. Our goals are to open 15 hotels and increase the capacity of over 1200 rooms,” he said.

Saying that after the opening of AncyrA Hotel Danang and AncyrA Hotel Hanoi in Vietnam, the brand attracted attention, Ritz International Co. Ltd. CEO Amir Ahmad stated that after the agreement they signed in a short time, they started to introduce all the brands of Continent Worldwide Hotels in the market and that they fully believed that Continent Hotels & Resorts and then all other brands would have a place in the market.

Continent Kahramanmaras swiss inn

Continent Worldwide Hotels takes firm steps forward in Turkey as well

Nurperi Sabirbek also talked about the positive results of franchise and management meetings in Turkey and the projects to be opened; “In January 2023 in Mersin, Swiss Inn Hotel Akdeniz with 99 rooms will open the doors of Mersin. Again, the 40-room Swiss Inn Hotel & Suites will be put into service at the same time in Gemlik Bursa.

After Swiss Inn Ayaş, Mersin, we will have increased to three hotels in total with these two new hotels. Our Swiss Inn brand attracts a lot of attention and there are three new hotel investments that we are negotiating. Along with the hotels we plan to open in Ankara, Izmir and Adana, Swiss Inn will continue to serve with 6 hotels in 2023. Continent Hotel Kahramanmaraş and Continent Luxury Suites & Hotel Sakarya, which are currently open, brought very good returns. Our investor, Mr. Orhan Akkoyun, owner of Continent Hotel Kahramanmaraş, is constructing an additional building to increase the capacity of the hotel to 160 rooms. The hotel will have put its new rooms into service by the middle of 2023,” she said.

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