iMerit Acquires Turkish AI Data Labeling Platform, an AI-supported data labeling platform based in Ankara, has announced its acquisition by iMerit, a leading U.S.-based company specializing in AI data solutions.

The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed yet, according to Webrazzi news article.

Founded in 2020 by Gökalp Urul and Gökhan Urul in Ankara, provides data labeling tools and solutions for AI applications. With its Ango Hub data labeling platform, the company processes visual, video, text, and audio data sets quickly and securely, making them available for AI algorithms. In 2021, Ango AI received an investment of $720,000 from 500 Istanbul and QNBEYOND Ventures. The company was also among the graduates of the QNBEYOND Acceleration Program’s third term.

iMerit, positioned as an industry leader in AI data solutions, supports over 200 global customers, including Microsoft, Linkedin, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, and Autodesk. iMerit facilitates the training of clients’ AI algorithms and offers end-to-end data labeling technologies and solutions to Fortune 500 companies in various industries such as medicine, agriculture, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, e-commerce, financial services, and technology. The company employs over 4,000 people across India, the U.S., Bhutan, and Europe. Investors in iMerit include Omidyar Network,, Khosla Ventures, and British International Investment.

With this acquisition, Ango and iMerit are combining the expertise of both companies. iMerit’s proficiency in AI data solutions is merging with Ango’s expertise in software and technology. iMerit has launched the Ango Hub.

The Founding Partners of, Gökalp, and Gökhan Urul expressed their gratitude in a statement, “We thank our entire team, our family, our mentors, and our investors 500 Emerging Europe and QNBeyond Ventures for supporting us on our journey. As part of the iMerit family, we will continue to contribute more robustly to the world’s leading AI applications with our Ango Hub technology.”

iMerit’s Founder and CEO, Radha Basu, stated, “The launch of Ango Hub is an excellent example of iMerit’s technology leadership. This robust platform will offer automation, labeling, and analytical tools, aiding the much faster development of AI projects.”

This acquisition marks a significant step in the expansion and enhancement of AI data solutions, combining the strengths of both and iMerit to facilitate the development of advanced AI projects and contribute to the progress in AI applications globally.

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