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Istanbul museums are the most popular

The Hagia Sophia Museum and the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul’s historic peninsula are the most visited tourist attractions in Turkey according to the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry. According to the ministry, 2,782,794 people visited the Hagia Sophia Museum in the first 9 months of 2015. Topkapi Palace becomes the second most visited attraction in Turkey with 2,634,827 visitors. And the third most popular attraction is:

Konya Mevlana Museum in the city of Konya is the third most popular with 1,806,549 visitors.

Museum Total Visitor
Hagia Sophia Museum2.782.794
Topkapı Palace Museum2.634.827
Mevlana Museum1.806.549
Pamukkale Hierapolis ruins1.451.652
Göreme Open Air Museum797.218
Topkapı Palace ’s Seraglio716.910
Troia ruins413.166
Derinkuyu Underground City349.278
Ihlara Valley346.510

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