Russian beverage brand Afanasy set to enter Antalya hotels

Russian Drink Brand Afanasy Expands to Turkish Resorts


The renowned Russian beverage brand “Afanasy” is set to make a splash in Antalya’s hotel industry.

This announcement came during the 30th International Food and Beverage Fair held in Antalya, where Afanasy emerged as a focal point among hoteliers.

Afanasy, a name synonymous with quality beverages in Russia since its inception in 1976, has steadily grown in popularity across the globe.

With a diverse portfolio that includes malt beverages favored in various countries such as China, Estonia, Belarus, Armenia, Israel, Iran, the United States, and Germany, Afanasy’s products are recognized and appreciated worldwide.

The brand’s commitment to excellence is not just limited to the production of premium drinks but also extends to its support for sports and sponsorship of globally renowned events. Notably, in 2018, Afanasy was a proud sponsor of the World Cup broadcasts, further solidifying its image as a brand that values and promotes sporting excellence.

The interest from hotels in Antalya towards Afanasy’s products highlights the brand’s growing influence and the potential for increased visibility in the Turkish market.

Emirs Food, the distributor of Afanasy in Antalya, spearheaded by its General Manager Gamze Akbulut, has been instrumental in introducing the brand to the local hotel industry.

“Our Afanasy branded beverage, produced in a factory established in Russia in 1976, is favored by the Russian populace and people around the globe. At the fair, we specifically aimed to showcase our malt beverages and other products to our hoteliers.

Emirs Food Distribution is proud to have acquired the dealership of Afanasy beverages in Antalya. Under the leadership of Emir Ergen, owner of Emirs Food, we have finalized our agreements and will start serving our hotels. We are attracting significant interest from hotels in Antalya,” stated Akbulut.

The move to introduce Afanasy beverages into Antalya hotels is more than just a business venture; it’s a cultural exchange that promises to enrich the experience of both locals and international visitors.

Antalya, known for its stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and popular tourist destination, is the perfect backdrop for Afanasy’s entry into the Turkish market.

This partnership not only underscores the global appeal of Afanasy’s products but also enhances the hospitality experience in one of Turkey’s most popular destinations.

As Afanasy prepares to quench the thirst of guests in Antalya’s prestigious hotels, the brand’s strategic expansion into Turkey is a testament to its global vision and commitment to quality.

This venture is expected to pave the way for more international collaborations, further diversifying the beverage options available to the Turkish hospitality industry and offering guests a taste of Russia’s finest.

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