S&M Publication celebrates 25th anniversary

S&M Publication, Turkey’s leading travel publication house, celebrated its 25th year in a cocktail held at Hotel Suadiye in Istanbul. Participants at the cocktail adopted a sea turtle, caretta caretta, in Belek, Turkey and contributed the continuity of marine and coastal ecosystem.

S&M Publication ltd. is one of the leading travel publication companies based in Turkey since 1991.

New Focus Travel Magazine, MeeTurkey Incentive Magazine Arab Turkish Travel Magazine, and annual World Travel Guide & Diary are its printed magazines.

ftnNEWS, Arab Turkish Travel Gazette, Rus Tourism News, and Turkish tourism news website; Turizmcinin Gazetesi are the digital travel and tourism publications of S&M Publication. For more information about S&M Publication, visit www.smpublication.com.

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S&M Publication partners with Ecological Research Society (EKAD) to support EKAD’s studies and activities on sea turtles. Every guest at our 25th year cocktail adopted a sea turtle. Adopting sea turtle nests in order to help even a single baby sea turtle to safely reach the sea is an extremely significant contribution to the future of their species.

Five of 8 sea turtle species living in the world are found in the Mediterranean, whereas only 2 of these (Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas) regularly nest in the Mediterranean. All 8 species of sea turtles living today are either endangered or critically endangered despite their presence on Earth for more than 110 million years; hence their nickname “the living fossils”. Humans are one of the factors responsible for accelerating the extinction of sea turtles, which are protected under international conventions like Bern, Barcelona and CITES. Anthropogenic factors such as fast structuring along shorelines, heavy fishery, tourism activities, light and noise pollution, industrial contamination of waters and beaches are severe threats against sea turtles, their nesting areas, nests, eggs and hatchlings.

A large portion of sea turtle nesting beaches in the Mediterranean is located along the shoreline of Turkey.

For more information about EKAD, visit http://www.ekad.org.tr

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