Star Wars Istanbul

Star Wars Legacy Celebrated: Galaxy’s Fans Exhibit Lands in Istanbul


The Galaxy’s Fans Exhibit, paralleling the Star Wars productions first released in 1977, showcases constructions and unique objects designed by fans over 40 years.

The exhibition reveals a multifaceted narrative, drawing more than 600 pieces into the Star Wars universe. It is preparing to display original products, hundreds of unique collection pieces, life-sized figures, helmets, lightsabers, signed masks, areas offering virtual reality experiences, spaces prepared with set decorations, and much more.

Located in the temporary exhibition hall of the Istanbul Cinema Museum, the exhibit will feature over 50 sculptures, 120 figures, 30 life-sized armors and costumes, space ship battles from the movie, 25 modeled and hand-painted life-sized busts and giant creature figures, unique dioramas, helmets, movie masks signed by the actors, posters, and many pieces, each a work of art. This distinguished Star Wars collection in Europe, focusing on its fans, will also host specially selected collection pieces from Turkey.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the exhibition will host various activities such as screenings of Star Wars productions, film readings, and documentary screenings throughout its duration. The exhibition, which will attract Star Wars fans of all ages, will be available for visitation at the Istanbul Cinema Museum for four months from October 1, extending until February 1, 2024.

Created by George Lucas, the Star Wars series has turned into a cultural phenomenon over the years, continuing to profoundly impact generations with its powerful story that deeply influences the imagination. With its epic narrative centering on fundamental human values, it has secured a unique place in popular culture, uniting the bonds of its growing fan base from generation to generation. The exhibition offers a close witness to the world of Star Wars through the eyes of its fans. The collection, covering 12 productions that have gone down in history as the highest-grossing film series in the world, provides a deep insight into a powerful legacy.

This exhibition is not just a display but a celebration of the enduring appeal and the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars, reflecting its impact on global pop culture and its ability to connect fans across generations. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the galaxy far, far away, the Galaxy’s Fans Exhibit in Istanbul offers a unique and immersive experience into the Star Wars universe.

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