Sumahan on the Water

Sumahan on the Water: An Iconic Istanbul Hotel Changes Hands

In a heartfelt letter addressed to their guests, Nedret and Mark Butler, owners of the renowned Sumahan on the Water, announced the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for the iconic boutique hotel in Istanbul.

The Butlers expressed mixed emotions as they prepared to hand over their beloved property to VAKKO, a company celebrated for its tradition of excellence, at the end of October 2023.

Sumahan on the Water consistently ranks among the top hotels in Istanbul. This boutique gem masterfully combines high-quality design with a deep reverence for its historical and natural environment. At its heart, Sumahan offers modern comfort, personalized service, and a journey through time within a breathtaking setting. Its contemporary architectural brilliance serves as both a window into Turkish culture and a serene vantage point to behold Istanbul’s captivating skyline.

Nestled directly alongside the water, Sumahan is a rare Bosphorus-front property that offers a sensory retreat. The gentle sound of waves caressing the garden’s edge, the exhilarating sight of dolphins arcing through the air, and the dappled sunlight streaming through cherry plum trees all contribute to an otherworldly experience. More than just a place to stay, Sumahan is an oasis, offering a distinctly personal and tranquil exploration of Istanbul’s quieter charm.

Its unique location and commitment to excellence have earned it a spot among the Leading Hotels of the World. The Butlers reflected on the joy and honor of creating a space that not only offered a haven of luxury but also provided a window into the magnificence of Istanbul.

The transition to VAKKO’s management marks a significant milestone for the hotel. The Butlers expressed their confidence in VAKKO’s ability to carry forward the legacy of Sumahan on the Water, citing the company’s deep appreciation for the hotel’s unique qualities and its commitment to exceptional hospitality.

In their message, the Butlers extended their gratitude to the guests who had chosen Sumahan on the Water as their home away from home in Istanbul. They reminisced about the relationships of trust and affection built over the years and the privilege of hosting guests, indulging them in the tranquility and beauty of the hotel’s setting.

As they embark on their next chapter, the Butlers reassured guests that the standards of luxury and sophistication they have come to expect from Sumahan on the Water will continue under the new management. The newly renovated VAKKO Hotel & Residence Sumahan is slated to open in the summer of 2024, promising a future filled with enchantment and delight for guests in Istanbul.

The letter concluded with a note of profound gratitude and a bittersweet farewell from the Butlers, as they look forward to the endless possibilities and the continuation of their journey. They leave behind a legacy of friendships and shared experiences in the magical city of Istanbul, confident that the spirit of Sumahan on the Water will live on under its new stewardship.

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