AJet launches flights

AJet Takes to the Skies

At an event in Ankara last night, AJet was officially introduced, marking the start of a new airline in Turkish aviation. The event celebrated AJet’s inaugural flight, setting the stage for the airline’s ambitious future.

During his speech, Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of the Board for Turkish Airline (THY) and AJet, highlighted that THY ranks as the 8th most valuable airline worldwide and second in terms of global connectivity. He proudly mentioned that the company, a champion in Turkey’s export sector, achieved an export revenue of 18 billion dollars in 2023.

Bolat underscored AJet’s commitment to connecting Ankara with various destinations in Turkey and around the world, formerly known as AnadoluJet.

“AJet begins 2024 with a fleet of 104 aircraft, aiming to serve 24 million passengers and generate revenue of 1.8 billion dollars. By 2028, we plan to expand our fleet to 200 aircraft and increase our revenue to 4.1 billion dollars.

AJet will serve as a gateway from Sabiha and Ankara, connecting our country with the world. In 2024, our summer schedule from Ankara will include flights to 22 countries, 31 cities, and offer 1137 weekly frequencies to Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

By 2028, these numbers will rise to 34 countries and 52 cities. We have frequently achieved our 10-year goals within just 5 years at THY, and we hope to reach our 2028 goals for AJet even sooner.”

Special Packages for Health Tourism Visitors

To achieve these goals, Bolat emphasized the need for a robust ecosystem, noting that Turkey hosts 21 UNESCO Heritage sites, while Germany and France boast over 50, and the USA more than 30.

“Ankara alone is home to 2 UNESCO Heritage sites, with an additional 5 within a two-hour drive. AJet aims to gradually increase tourist numbers to Ankara to 5 million within five years by creating strong partnerships with hotels, agencies, and tour operators.

Despite Ankara having 446 authorized health service facilities, it receives very few tourists for health tourism. Turkey earns 2.5 billion dollars from health tourism, but Ankara’s share is minimal. AJet will offer special packages to international visitors coming to Ankara for health services, similar to our initiatives in Istanbul.”

Bolat also mentioned plans to increase the number of international students coming to Ankara and to encourage visits by their families.

Leveraging Turkish TV series for promoting Ankara, Bolat shared plans for attracting 5 million tourists and generating 5 billion dollars in revenue by 2028. “By investing in Ankara, AJet aims to make it Turkey’s third-largest tourism city, working closely with local stakeholders. AJet will contribute to Turkey’s foreign exchange earnings, akin to Turkish Airlines.”

104-Aircraft in Six Months

AJet’s General Manager, Kerem Sarp, shared the pride in transforming AnadoluJet into AJet, an innovative and customer-focused brand built on THY’s strong legacy. “This transformation marks the beginning of a new era, with AJet operating independently. The establishment of a 104-aircraft airline in just six months is a testament to Turkish achievement and THY’s family pride, a rarity in the global aviation sector.”

Sarp reminded that AJet’s scheduled flights would commence on March 31, with AJet guests having access to all destinations previously served by AnadoluJet. “Our aim is to expand AJet, offering fast, safe, and comfortable flights to more destinations.”

Inaugural Promotional Flight

Following the cake-cutting ceremony, a ribbon-cutting took place in front of an AJet plane waiting at the apron of Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

The planned flight VF2025 began at 23:10, making a passenger-free promotional journey to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, where it landed at 23:55.

A similar ceremony was held for the inaugural flight there.

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