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TAV Academy becomes an ICAO certified training center

The service quality of TAV Academy, the training and consultant company of TAV Airports, has been certified by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) following their audit and TAV Academy is listed amongst the 16 private training centers worldwide.

Following the two-month audit process, ICAO officials came to Istanbul and reviewed the activities and standards of TAV Academy for four days. At the end of the audit, TAV Academy has been proven to comply with the designated standards in terms of training design, presentations, competencies of the trainers and quality management system.

Barış Müstecaplıoğlu, Head of TAV Academy stated: “Becoming a global brand in airport operation business, the most important capital of TAV Airports has been its know-how and human resources. Founded to deliver the know-how of TAV to the world by developing it through institutionalization, TAV Academy has been certified to provide training all around the world by the ICAO, the main global organization of civil aviation. We are very glad that our efforts have been recognized. We are continuing our activities to make Istanbul a global training center in this sector.”

One of the main activities of ICAO is to improve the competencies of aviation employees and define global standards in training and TAV Academy has been certified as ICAO TRAINAIR Plus member as of August 2015 by ICAO.

Whilst ICAO TRAINAIR Plus members are mostly composed of civil aviation authorities of the countries, which are liable to give training, there are only 16 companies certified in private sector. As of August 2015, TAV Academy is listed amongst these 16 companies.

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TAV Academy, the training and development center of more than 15,000 employees of TAV Airports, which has operations at 14 airports in seven countries, also contributes to the development of international civil aviation sector by providing training to the aviation professionals of various countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Georgia, Albania, etc. Furthermore, TAV Academy is one of 15 global training centers of Airport Council International (ACI), which is the most important organization of the industry having more than 1,800 airports as members.

Founded in 1944 to set the standards for the civil aviation sector and provide guidance to other civil aviation organizations to audit these standards, ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations and has 191 member companies today and stands out as the main organization that defines the standards in the training of civil aviation employees.

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