new amtrak guest rewards

New Amtrak Guest Rewards program

Amtrak passengers will have more options to earn and redeem points under an extensively improved, simplified Amtrak Guest Rewards program. “This program takes Amtrak Guest Rewards to the next level with improved earnings potential and expanded, simplified redemptions,” said Matt Hardison, Amtrak’s executive vice president of marketing and sales.

Improved and simplified Amtrak Guest Rewards program launches in January 2016. Improvements in the updated Amtrak Guest Rewards program include:

• No more blackout dates and Acela® time-of-day travel restrictions;

• Bonus points for Acela® and Business class travel;

• Points that never expire with any qualifying account activity within 36 months;

• A simplified redemption structure for free Amtrak travel based on ticket price instead of zones or routes—as low as 800 points per trip;

• Redemption opportunities for multi-ride tickets and monthly passes;

• Ability to book, modify, and cancel reward tickets themselves via Amtrak self-service channels; and

• A “cash-plus-points” option that provides more flexibility.

Amtrak Guest Rewards has also launched a helpful points estimator tool, which shows customers exactly how many points they will earn for their travel or how many points they will need to redeem for an Amtrak trip.

For more information about the revamped Amtrak Guest Rewards program and to access the points estimator, please visit

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