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Turkey Has the Most Expensive Passports in the World

Turkey, experiencing a significant visa crisis with its largest trading partner, the European Union (EU), now tops the list of the world’s most expensive passports.

Despite being ranked 52nd among 194 countries on the Henley Passport Index for travel freedom, Turkey’s passport costs have soared to new heights.

Currently, obtaining a 10-year passport in Turkey costs 8,623.30 TL. As of January 1, 2024, this amount converts to approximately 292.4 USD, and at today’s exchange rate, it equals 268 USD. This makes Turkey the country with the most expensive 10-year passport, regardless of the exchange rate used, reported Sozcu.

Turkish passport holders can travel to 118 countries without a visa.

list of world's most expensive passports in 2024

Mexico ranks second on the list of the most expensive passports, with a 10-year passport costing 234 USD. Mexican passport holders, possessing the world’s 23rd most powerful passport, can travel visa-free to 161 countries.

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Australia holds the third spot with a passport cost of 228 USD. The Australian passport ranked 5th most powerful globally, allows visa-free travel to 190 countries.

The United States is fourth with a passport cost of 167 USD. The U.S. passport, ranked 6th in power, enables visa-free travel to 189 countries.

New Zealand‘s passport is the fifth most expensive, costing 128 USD. Ranked as the world’s 5th most powerful passport, it permits visa-free travel to 190 countries.

The strongest passports, allowing visa-free travel to 194 countries, belong to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and Japan. Despite their power, their passport costs are much lower than Turkey’s.

A 10-year passport costs 94 USD in France, 41 USD in Germany, 126 USD in Italy, 33 USD in Spain, 53 USD in Singapore, and 115 USD in Japan.

Turkey’s position as having the most expensive passports highlights the financial burden on its citizens, particularly amidst ongoing visa challenges with the EU.

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