Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina

Turkey Tender Announcement: Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina in Istanbul

Turkey’s Ministry of Treasury and Finance announced a tender for the privatization of Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina located in Istanbul.

The marina, which is owned by the Turkish Maritime Organization will be privatized for a period of 40 (forty) years via the method of “Transfer of Operation Rights” within the framework of the provisions of the Privatization Law No. 4046.

The tender will be conducted by receiving bids in a sealed envelope from more than one bidder and by bargaining method through negotiations. The tender will be concluded through an auction attended by the bidders with whom the negotiations are continuing.

Amount of  Bid Bond

Fee of Tender Specifications and Information Memorandum

 Bidding Deadline

30,000,000. – Turkish Liras

40,000. – Turkish Liras


Real persons, legal persons, and Joint Venture Groups can partake in the tender.  Investment funds can only participate in the tender as a member of a Joint Venture Group. The Joint Venture Group cannot only consist of investment funds. However, companies with a legal entity in which investment funds are shareholders can participate in the tender solitary or being members of a Joint Venture Group.

In order to participate in the tender, it is compulsory to purchase the Tender Specifications and the Information Memorandum along with signing the Confidentiality Undertaking obtained from the website of the Administration. It is sufficient that one of the members of Joint Venture Group purchases Tender Specifications and Information Memorandum and it is required for each member of Joint Venture Group to sign a separate Confidentiality Undertaking.

The Information Memorandum and the Tender Specifications may be obtained by hand at the address of the PA set forth below provided that its fee of 40,000 Turkish Liras is deposited in one of the following accounts of the Administration;

  • TR25 0001 2009 4520 0083 0000 06 at Halkbank A.Ş. Kurumsal Şubesi ANKARA to Privatization Fund’s Administration Collection Sub Account TL,
  • TR40 0001 0017 4538 7756 6157 38 at T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. Kurumsal Şubesi / ANKARA to Privatization Fund’s Administration Collection Sub Account TL,
  • TR22 0001 5001 5800 7287 5506 67 at Vakıfbank A.Ş. Merkez Şubesi/ ANKARA to Privatization Fund’s Administration Collection Sub Account TL,

and a bank receipt including the expression “Fee of Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina’s Tender Specifications and Information Memorandum” which clearly states the name/title of the real person, legal entity, or Joint Venture Group (or one of the Joint Venture Group members’) that will participate in the tender is submitted. If requested by the participant, the Tender Specifications and the Information Memorandum can be sent by certified mail or by cargo provided that original copy of the bank receipt and the original Confidentiality Undertaking is delivered to Administration no later than 7 (seven) days before the bidding deadline by mail or cargo and is confirmed by telephone.

The amounts paid to obtain the Information Memorandum and the Tender Specifications are not refunded under any circumstances.

In order to participate in the tender, it is required to give the binding bond in the amount specified in the table above.

Bids should be prepared in accordance with the instructions as set out in the Tender Specifications, and shall be delivered by hand to the address of the Administration specified below in a closed envelope with the phrase “BID FOR THE TENDER OF PRIVIZATIZING THE FENERBAHÇE-KALAMIŞ MARINA- CONFIDENTIAL” until the latest bidding date which is [07] /[07]/ 2021 at 5:00 pm. Bids submitted to the Administration after the bidding deadline will not be taken into consideration.

The Administration is free to extend the bidding deadline until a certain date or a date to be determined subsequently. This matter will be announced before the bidding deadline.

The privatization tender is not subject to Law No. 2886, and the Administration is free to do or not to do the tender.

Transfer of the operation rights for the Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina subject to the tender to real persons of foreign nationality, and companies established in foreign countries according to the laws of their own which have a legal personality, and foreign-owned companies operating in Turkey, is subject to the Foreign Direct Investments Law, the Land Registry Law, and other relevant legislation. These persons are obliged to research beforehand whether it is possible to transfer the operation rights to them and, if they do win the tender, to take necessary actions as soon as possible.

Privatization transactions are exempted from all kinds of taxes, duties, charges, and VAT.

Other issues related to the tender are included in the Tender Specifications. Information can be obtained from the communication channels given below.

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