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Turkish Airlines offers a 50% discount if you fly to Turkey for medical treatment

Turkey, the world’s 6th most popular tourist destination attracting 40 million visitors, now aims to take an active role in global health tourism by participating in this growing phenomenon. In this perspective, Turkish Airlines supports Turkey’s mission to be the leading health tourism destination by offering a 50% transportation rebate for foreign travelers coming to Turkey for their treatment.

With one of the most comprehensive route networks, Turkish Airlines has the ability to bring passengers from numerous points around the World to Turkey for medical and health reasons in order to support the promotion of health tourism in Turkey.

In this context, the passengers visiting Turkey for treatment who travel on Turkish Airlines will be eligible for a 50% transportation rebate following submission of required documents* to the local Turkish Airlines Office in their city of origin.

Thanks to this program, guests who choose Turkey for health tourism purposes will have the opportunity to benefit from not only the internationally accredited medical facilities and staff but will also have the beauty and tranquility of Turkey as a site for recuperation.

* International patient’s passport sample,

   Electronic ticket of international patient,

   Entry registration example of the health institution,

   Treatment bill’ sample.

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