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Turkiye Introduces Mandatory Price Displays at Restaurants & Cafes

The Turkish Ministry of Trade’s regulation requiring food and beverage establishments to display their tariff and price lists visibly at the entrance of cafes and restaurants came into effect in 2024.

According to the regulation, menus, documents, signs, boards, and similar items related to tariff and price lists must be placed, hung, or positioned in a way that is easily visible and readable by consumers. This applies both inside the premises where the service is provided and at the entrance doors of establishments such as restaurants, cafes, patisseries, and similar food and beverage service locations, as well as on the tables where the service is offered.

Some establishments have also complied with the regulation by hanging their price lists on the windows of their restaurants and cafes. Business owners and customers expressed their satisfaction with the new directive.

Before this regulation, some restaurants don’t put price tags on their menus. This created unease for many local and foreign customers. However, the new regulation eliminates this anxiety and prevents opportunism.

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