Ormanya Nature Park visitors

Turkiye’s National Parks Experience Surge in Visitors

During the 2024 Eid holiday period from April 6 to 14, many Turkish citizens looking to spend time in nature chose the national and nature parks managed by the General Directorate of Conservation of Natural Heritage (DKMP).

These parks saw a significant influx of visitors, becoming a preferred destination for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Most Popular Parks in 2024

Ormanya Nature Park was the most popular spot, attracting 278,748 visitors. It was closely followed by Beydağları Coast National Park with 274,689 visitors, Marmaris National Park with 273,342, Beyşehir Lake National Park with 142,380, and Burç Nature Park with 100,015 visitors.

Parks like Abant Lake National Park, which offers unique beauty in both summer and winter, also drew large crowds. It welcomed 91,300 visitors, while Ayvalık Islands Nature Park saw 87,540 visitors, Şamlar Nature Park 70,505, Kuzuyayla Nature Park 59,110, and Meryemana Nature Park 55,254 visitors.

Compared to last year’s holiday season, which hosted 1,333,718 visitors, this year’s figures show a substantial increase, demonstrating the growing interest in exploring protected areas.

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