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Why Turkey Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Whether flying solo or bringing the kids along for the ride, picking out the perfect holiday destination can leave most scratching their heads with pure indecisiveness. Should you opt for somewhere filled with sunshine? What if you get bored? Should you opt for somewhere with more to do? Well, what about opting for the best of both worlds?

Turkey can provide exactly that. With some incredible beaches and plenty of towns and cities filled with things to do, there are plenty of reasons to visit! Okay, so you won’t be able to use your e111 card, but we’ve pulled together a list of a few more reasons as to why Turkey should be your next holiday destination anyway!

There’s Plenty Of Food

If you’re a fan of Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European cuisine, then chances are you’re going to like Turkish food. Why, you ask? Well, because it’s basically a combination of all three. Olives, cold meats, white bread, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, tahin, pekmez, honey, fruit and black tea will all make up a fairly traditional spread for breakfast, but save a little room! Lunch and Dinner aren’t worth missing out on either. You could try Gozleme, Kofte Durum or Cig Kofte Durum for vegetarians, Dolma or even a variety of seafood when you drift close enough to the coast. Of course, there’s Baklava for dessert too!

There’s Plenty To Explore

If you fancy heading off the beaten track from time to time, Turkey gives you plenty of opportunity to do just that. No matter the season you’re travelling in, there are plenty of opportunities for walks, hikes, climbs, skiing, snowboarding and more. The oceans give you the opportunity to try a spot of sailing or cruising along turquoise coastline, or if you feel safer on land, you could opt for heading along Lycian Way – it’s not exactly unknown, but this 500 kilometre trail takes you along the coast without needing to be in it!

The History Is Extensive

Turkey is a great spot for a bit of European history from pretty much every era. With ruins and evidence of habitation by Hittites, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Lycians, Byzantines, Ottomans, Seljuks, Early Christians and more, you certainly won’t find yourself lost for history to explore. With a scattering of churches, homes, volcanic rock and other UNESCO world heritage sites, there truly is plenty to explore in Turkey’s history.

The Shopping Is Incredible

Fans of shopping are spoiler for choice in Turkey. Whether you’re looking for high end stores, or local farmer’s markets, Turkey has that and everything in between. You could walk through a bazaar and come out with a new outfit, spices for dinner, a gift for your pet and a bag of fresh fruit. There really is no limit to the shopping you can find here and it’s not overly expensive either so you can fill up those gaps in your suitcase without breaking the bank!

Turkey is rich with all kinds of historical sites, delicious food, incredible shopping and opportunities to explore but they certainly aren’t the only reasons to visit the country for your next holiday. Why not take a look and see which region suits you?

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