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Aussies miss their pets more than their family while on holiday

A new travel survey in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Greater China and Vietnam revealed almost 30,000 travellers’ quirky holiday behaviours.

The results of Jetstar’s inaugural “Global Travel Survey” revealed that a quarter of Australians miss their pets most when travelling, more than 80 per cent prioritise packing a phone over a book, and more than one third say that a person using both armrests is the most annoying behaviour experienced when sitting next to a fellow traveller.

Jetstar Chief Customer Officer, Catriona Larritt, said the Global Travel Survey has uncovered insightful information regarding Jetstar customers’ travel behaviours and preferences.

“The huge response to our Global Travel Survey has provided unique insights into travel habits across the Asia Pacific, which will allow us to further understand our customers and provide an even better experience.”

Key findings from respondents revealed:

  • One in four Australians misses their family pet more than anything when on holidays. This answer was unique to Australians, with every other country agreeing that it’s their family they miss most.
  • Only 9% of Aussies said they’d miss their kids most while on holidays and similarly, only 9% said that their dream holiday involved travelling with their little ones.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, most Aussies say they don’t miss anyone at all (32%) while they’re enjoying their holidays.
  • Aussies are romantic, with 57% choosing to travel with their partner on their dream holiday, rather than travelling on their own (7%). This was in contrast to Japanese travellers, a large portion of who say they would prefer to fly solo on their dream trip (28%).
  • Aussies are addicted to their smartphones while travelling, with 80% of people prioritising packing their phone over a book, this was even higher in Singapore at 97%). In fact, Australians would sacrifice packing travel essentials such as a hairbrush (34%), shoes (12%) and underwear (7%) just to bring their phones.
  • Only 15% of Aussies willingly ask strangers for directions while on holidays, with 35% of people instead relying on their smartphone GPS to find their way around.
  • Losing your wallet is by far the most frustrating thing that can happen on a holiday – except for the Vietnamese, who said losing the beloved smartphone is the biggest inconvenience (48%).
  • We are mixed when it comes to using social media while travelling; 27% of Aussies said they post once a day, while 24% said they don’t like to post at all.
  • As for spending time at the airport, Jetstar customers are a reasonably tolerant, but the overwhelming consensus was that going barefoot in airports was not acceptable behavior with only 6% of respondents deeming it appropriate behavior, no matter how long the stopover is.
  • One in five Australians believes that when heading on holidays, indulging in an alcoholic drink at the airport in the morning is acceptable. Japanese respondents agreed, with a significant 42% in support of a morning drink to celebrate being on holiday.
  • The top tip for plane etiquette is to never use both arm rests. A massive 39% of Australian respondents said that this was the most frustrating behavior their neighbour could display, followed by the person who talks to you the entire journey; 19% of Aussies would prefer that chatty passengers keep quiet.

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