Versailles Palace bomb threat

Bomb Threats Raise Alarm in Paris: Versailles Palace and Louvre Museum Evacuated

In a series of unsettling events, the renowned Versailles Palace, located about 20 kilometers south of Paris, was evacuated due to a bomb threat, causing widespread panic among visitors and staff.

Authorities have confirmed that the palace will remain closed for the entire day as a precautionary measure.

This incident follows a similar scare at the famous Louvre Museum in Paris, another popular tourist destination, which was evacuated last Saturday due to a bomb alert. However, after thorough searches by the police, no traces of explosives were found.

These threats come at a time of heightened tension in the country, which has been affected by the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Adding to the concerns, just last week, a high school in France witnessed a tragic knife attack that resulted in the death of a teacher.

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