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Critical Things You Should Know about Jet Boating


Did you know that a jet boat first appeared in 1950 in New Zealand? A resourceful farmer Bill Hamilton invented this watercraft to cope with the shallow waters of Canterbury Rivers.

Forty years later, Yamaha got the hang of its potential and hit the market with a recreational model. The novelty motivated the whole world to use jet boats for family rest and adventures, like you can see this on Now, they are wildly popular in the sea resorts. Still, if you live near a shallow river or lake, a jet boat perfectly matches your needs, whether about riding or fishing.

What a Jet Boat Is, and How It Works

There are three types of jet boats in the market: racing, family models, and small jet dinghy.

The specially-designed motors inside the boats powers them, sucking in and forcing out the water, making vessels move forward. Unlike models with the external engines, such a construction doesn’t need deep waters to float hassle-free. The boats have front, back seating and the deck behind them. The streamlined and light hull features excellent impact resistance and makes a jet boat faster and more efficient. Eventually, jet boats can boast the following advantages:

  • They are highly maneuverable.
  • These runabouts are noticeably for rapid acceleration.
  • The boats run trouble-free in shallow waters.
  • They are multi-purpose units, fitting active sports and peaceful relaxation.

Besides, easy steps onto the boat without dropping down into the water and no sand sucked into a cooling system are also excellent pros.

What to Remember before Driving a Jet Boat

First and foremost, it is highly recommended to take a jet boating course and start traveling in an experienced skipper company. You should learn how to launch, get out of the water and dock your watercraft, how to operate it in different weather and conditions.

Besides, both newcomers and mature riders have to understand the characteristics of the area they are traveling through to see the potential dangers. For example, shallow and deep waters may meet together, making a driver react rapidly to operate the vessel properly. A captain should always think about the necessary equipment and safety gear. He must avoid drinking alcohol and using high speed in busy or dangerous waters. A driver needs to be tolerant and respectful towards other passengers to escape arguments and conflicts on the water.

Are Jet Boats Worth Your Attention?

Jet boats feature a lower risk of injury since they don’t have an external propeller. Besides, they are easy to operate even for beginners. These runabouts are suitable for both drifting, incredible turns, twists, and various watersports thanks to the opportunity to tow a kneeboard, a tube, or a banana-boat to enjoy the entertainment like on

However, jet boats have some low points. For example, it’s challenging to toggle between high and low speed for inexperienced riders. Another drawback is the jet boats’ tendency to produce relatively loud and high-pitched noise that might be annoying for drivers and passengers.

Are Jet Boats Really Costly?

The price issues are usually somewhat subjective, considering people’s different levels of income. Nevertheless, some benchmarks get the idea of how much a jet boat is, including expenditures on its maintenance.

The average price of a new jet boat is between $21,000 and $66,000. A used model cost starts from $6,000 averagely. The runabout’s brand, size, hull, interior influence the vessels’ exact value. Since each watercraft needs maintenance and operation, it’s necessary to consider fuel costs usually higher than products for land vehicles. Bear in mind some other expenses:

  • Fees for registration and licensing.
  • Boat insurance.
  • Winterizing and storage.
  • Dedicated trailer to store and launch the boat.
  • Harbor space to dock a boat if it is too large for a garage.

Remember the necessity to pay professionals for inspecting the boats’ parts and working assemblies (anodes, spark plugs, fuel filters, etc.). The net result is over 1,000 extra bucks per month. Those having no desire to spend much money regularly may opt for jet boat rental.

If you are on a budget to acquire a vessel, or you still hesitate about whether you should rent or buy a jet boat, welcome to Jet Boat Miami tour to try a junkie ride. Having an opportunity to enjoy a group tour, you’ll appreciate how it is speedy, safe, and exciting to cruise around the sights in an adrenaline-generated jet boat.

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