India rail tragedy

Tourist Train Tragedy: 10 Perish on Tamil Nadu Train

In a tragic incident in India’s Tamil Nadu state, a fire erupted in a train carriage while parked, resulting in the death of 10 tourists and injuring 20 others.

The incident occurred near the Madurai train station in Tamil Nadu, as reported by the Hindustan Times. Authorities have revealed that the blaze was ignited due to the explosion of a gas stove, which passengers from Uttar Pradesh state had illegally used on board.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the ensuing fire led to 10 casualties and 20 injuries. The injured individuals have been rushed to various hospitals for medical treatment.

Adding to the horror, some passengers found themselves trapped inside the carriages, which had been locked from the inside for security reasons. In a desperate bid for survival, they had to break down the doors to escape the flames. (AA)

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