Popular Reusable Face Masks

5 Popular Reusable Face Masks

As the world fights with the COVID-19, countries introduce mandatory use of face masks. Face masks/face coverings are becoming compulsory around the world in airports, flights, banks, and post offices as well as shops, supermarkets, indoor shopping centers.

Which Mask is for You?

There are different types of mask and each offers a different level of protection. Surgical grade N95 respirators offer the highest level of protection against Covid-19 infection, followed by surgical grade masks. However, these masks are costly, in limited supply, contribute to landfill waste and are uncomfortable to wear for long periods. So even countries that have required the public to wear face masks have generally suggested such masks should be reserved for health workers or those at, particularly high risk.

People should wear masks in public settings when around people outside of their household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Many countries have recommended the use of fabric masks/face coverings for the general public.

Paper Surgical Single-Use Masks vs. Reusable Cloth Masks

There is no proven study showing single-use masks is better than cloth masks or visa versa. Reusable cloth masks are both environmentally and budget-friendly.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says masks should be washed after each use. It is important to always remove masks correctly and wash your hands after handling or touching a used mask.

Here are the Most Popular Reusable Face Masks


Riah Fashion face masks

Reusable Fabric Face Mask Covering Unisex by RIAH FASHION

Riah Fashion based in Los Angeles offers beautifully designed, high-quality face masks that are affordable.

The face mask features double-layered fabric for extra protection and durability. The outer layer is a soft, stretchy premium jersey knit for a comfortable fit around the face and ears. And the inner layer is lined with soft, durable, and breathable cotton.

Curved design to fit comfortably over the nose and mouth. 3-dimensional pattern designs that securely cover around the face and fit most users. You can choose from a wide range of unique, cute print options to stand out.


levis pack of 3 facemasks

Levi’s Re-Usable Reversible Face Mask (Pack of 3)

Levi’s reusable and reversible face masks are 100% cotton and come into different sizes. They are machine washable and come in a pack of three.

The tie strings make the masks adaptable to face size and they don’t slide down your nose.


enerplex reusable face mask

EnerPlex Premium 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask Available in Multiple Sizes by EnerPlex

EnerPlex, the producer of high-end home products featuring quality fabrics, offers high-end 3-Ply face masks in 3 sizes. The company focuses on comfort and for this reason, their products are not a “one size fits most”. They offer a sizing chart for Youth, Medium/Large, & Extra Large.

Ideal for everyday use – indoor/outdoor, great for essential workers, can be utilized while traveling, running errands, attending grooming appointments, etc.


INTO THE AM face mask bandanas

Seamless Face Cover Mouth Mask Bandana by INTO THE AM

INTO THE AM face mask bandanas feature a lightweight & breathable 4-way stretch fabric that fits men, women, and kids. The face covers have raw edges to maximize the stretch and don’t scratch you. Fold it to create 2 layers for added protection and more snug fit.


laoke face masks

Motorcycle Face Mask Sun Dust Wind Protection by LAOKE

These face masks look very cool and great for outdoor activities. Made of 100% Microfiber Polyester, these face masks protect against 95% UV rays. The high-quality face mask materials are stretchable, skin-friendly, protect you from sun wind and dust.

They have a quick-dry fabric and keeps you cool in summer. They come with one size only and it fits most as it is highly stretchable.

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