Dufry Wins Aena’s Major Retail and F&B Contracts, Set to Revolutionize Travel Experience in Spain

Global leader in travel experiences, Dufry, has been awarded a 12-year contract by Aena, the largest airport operator in Spain.

This agreement covers retail and F&B operations in Andalusia-Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, and Madrid, reinforcing Dufry’s leadership in the third-most popular global destination for incoming tourists.

“We really believe that we are the best partner for Aena, and see this award, where we retain nearly all our operations, as a confirmation of the potential offered by our newly combined business and our exciting strategy to create a travel experience revolution,” said Xavier Rossinyol, Dufry’s CEO.

Rossinyol further discussed Dufry’s ‘Destination 2027’ strategy, which will be brought to life in their Spanish operations through a customer-centric and digitally engaging offer that combines travel retail with F&B. This approach aims to generate value for customers, Aena, brand partners, suppliers, and Dufry itself.

The company plans to capitalize on this opportunity by renovating its stores, introducing hybrid retail and F&B concepts, digitization, and immersive experiences that draw on the culture and tradition of each airport’s city. This innovative approach is set to transform the travel experience for customers, turning each store into an extension of the city itself.

The successful bid by Dufry underscores the strength of their recent combination with global F&B operator Autogrill, a collaboration that allows for the creation of a powerful hybrid retail and F&B offering. This combined effort is at the heart of Dufry’s ‘Destination 2027’ strategy, which aims to revolutionize travel experiences.

Further details about the new company name and visual identity, in line with their strategy and Autogrill partnership, are expected to be announced later this year.

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