Dubai Classics GP

Dubai GP Revival Introduces “Dubai Classics” Category Showcasing 30 Unique Classic Cars

The Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival is set to captivate classic car enthusiasts with the introduction of the ‘Dubai Classics’ category. This new addition will spotlight 30 of Dubai’s most distinctive classic cars, all of which are classic-registered.

These vehicles will grace the paddock, allowing attendees to admire them up close before they hit the track for a 20-minute open pitlane session each day of the three-day event.

Moreover, participants from the prestigious 1000 Miglia Experience UAE rally are invited to join the Revival, given they bring an eligible vehicle. This collaboration promises to make the week an automotive paradise.

The event already boasts a lineup of iconic Formula One and sports cars. The ‘Dubai Classics’ category further enhances the experience, offering a blend of classic road cars and historic racing cars for fans to relish.

Owners of eligible cars can register for entry to the entire three-day event. However, they must display their cars from Thursday, 7th December to Sunday, 10th December. With only 30 slots in the ‘Dubai Classics’ category, space is limited. Entry is priced at AED 1,000 per car, and an extra AED 200 for a passenger aged 16 and above. Participants are required to present a comprehensive file for their vehicle, including registration documents, a driver’s license photo, and a car photo.

The weekend promises a nostalgic race atmosphere, reminiscent of the grand prix paddocks from the 60s to the 80s, complete with live music.

Pierre-Brice Mena, Managing Director of GP Extreme, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our event celebrates the golden age of motorsport. The ‘Dubai Classics’ category allows local classic car owners to display their prized possessions to a vast audience of passionate fans. It’s a unique chance for fans to witness these beautifully crafted cars in action.”

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