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Porsche to open the first regional Porsche Experience Centre in Singapore

Porsche has announced Singapore as the location of its 11th Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) worldwide – and simultaneously the world’s first PEC conceptualised from the onset to provide exhilaration to both local and regional Porsche customers and fans.

The new PEC Singapore is set to be bring more excitement to the future Changi precinct and aims to be operational in 2027.

On the back of the World Premiere of the new Macan held at the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, Porsche has put Singapore in the global spotlight with this PEC announcement.

Artist impression of Porsche Experience Centre Singapore

Positioned strategically just 20 minutes away from Changi Airport, and close to the upcoming Aviation Park MRT station along the planned Cross Island Line, the new PEC Singapore will serve to add vibrance to the Changi Precinct; it will also offer a range of thrilling activities for families and dynamic experiences for car enthusiasts both locally and within the Southeast Asian region.

At the heart of the upcoming PEC Singapore lies a dynamic handling track over two kilometres in length, an ideal playground for highlighting the prowess of the two- and four-door Porsche sports cars. The state-of-the-art facility will also feature a fully-integrated, high-capacity Aftersales facility – a first-of-its-kind feature of any PEC in the world.

Aligned with Porsche’s global commitment to work towards a net carbon neutral value chain of its newly-produced vehicles in 2030, and in line with Singapore Green Plan 2030 aimed at advancing sustainable development – the PEC Singapore fleet will prominently feature a significant number of electric vehicles (EVs), offering an environmentally conscious and yet thrilling driving experiences.

From adrenaline-filled on-track driving sessions to immersive activities for the whole family – the new PEC Singapore promises an array of experiences such as themed exhibitions, periodically-changing display cars from the legendary archives of the Porsche Museum, immersive racing simulators and a variety of dining options, catering to every shade of enthusiast, and even a wider range of interests, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Porsche Experience Centres are a unique concept in the automotive industry and offer Porsche fans and customers exciting experiences with the sports car brand and its products. There are currently nine PECs in Leipzig, Silverstone, Atlanta, Le Mans, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Germany’s Hockenheimring, Franciacorta, Italy, and, since October 2021, in Tokyo. In 2021, the newest PEC in Toronto was announced, scheduled to be complete in 2024.

When launched, it will be Singapore’s first permanent driving-focused facility, said Singapore Tourism Board (STB) chief executive Melissa Ow as reported in

Singapore is projected to receive between 15 million and 16.5 million international visitor arrivals in 2024, with tourism receipts expected to reach between S$27.5 billion and S$29 billion, said Ms Ow.

“This is no mean feat because the upper bound of our forecast, if we achieve it together, will be a new record for Singapore,” she continued.

Last year, Singapore saw 13.6 million international visitor arrivals and S$27.2 billion in tourism receipts, “almost a full recovery” to pre-pandemic numbers in 2019, said Ms Ow.

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