Who will win the World Cup in Qatar 2022?


We are in the middle of the summer and compared to other years we have not had an international championship. This year it has been postponed to November due to the high temperatures in Qatar.

The teams have so far been preparing through competitions such as the Nation League. In addition, the league competitions are starting and the players want to get ready for the big event.

The coaches of the participating teams have already achieved the most difficult thing, which is to be present at the World Championship. Some teams have fallen by the wayside in their quest to be amongst the World Cup contenders. For example, countries like India have never played a World Cup match in their history. The Indian population can enjoy the games of their other favourite nations to appreciate the tournament. On the net, the best football betting sites in India allow to bet pro or against the team they choose. They can do this in a very simple way, either by downloading the app and placing the live bet whilst watching the match, or for those who have never bet before, they can do so without risking their money, on whichever team they think can win. Sure that for the next championship, if your country qualifies, you will be able to bet with fractional or decimal odds.

Now, we have to see who are the most likely to win the World Cup. Here are some of the favourite teams who are in contention to lift the big golden trophy.

Brazil, the favourites at the World Cup

Amongst the 28 best teams, Brazil remains the favourite. It should be remembered that in the last editions, the Caribbean team did not make it to the final. In 2014 the World Cup was held in Brazil with all the fans in the stadium, cheering in the hope that the sixth World Cup would be held in the country. However, Scolari’s side lost to Germany by a heavy 7-1 scoreline. Low’s side went through to the final and won thanks to a goal from Götze. Four years later, at the World Cup in Russia, Tite’s team, with Neymar as the top player, wanted to win. But this time they did not make it past the quarter-finals. The Belgian team, with Courtoi and Hazar in the squad, beat a Brazilian team that this year continues to start as favourites.

England, in the top 3

Another team that remains amongst the favourites is England. The English team has always been considered one of the strongest. This country was the birthplace of the game more than 100 years ago. Although, they are one of the favourites to lift the title, the English team has not won a title for a long time. The last and only time they won the World Cup was in 1966. Since then the squad has been strong but they have not managed to take any more victories to England. The last great achievement was at Euro 2020, when they reached the final, along with Italy. Gareth Southgate’s team lost on penalties after a very good performance during the 120 minutes. Now they have a new opportunity to make history again.

France, ranked low after last year

Where is the team that wowed the world at Euro 2016? Deschamp’s team is no longer the goal machine it was a few years ago. There were doubts ahead of this World Cup as to whether they would even make it to the World Cup. However, with Kylian Mbappe, Griezmann and Pogba in the team, they are once again one of the contenders to lift the trophy. The last great achievement of the Blue team was in the Nation League against the Spanish national team, a prize that for many was a deception. According to many football critics, the French striker was offside when he scored the winning goal for France.

Spain in fourth place

The Spanish team seems to have been taken seriously. After winning Euro 2008 and 2012, plus the 2010 World Cup, ‘The Red’ has always been present as one of the favourites ever since. The Spanish national team began its transition six years ago, after failing to make it past the round of 16 at Euro 2016. First Julen Lopetegui, before his departure to Real Madrid, and finally Luis Enrique took charge of the national team to bring them back to the top. The Spanish team reached the semi-finals of Euro 2020 against Italy, which they won undeservedly according to many. In the final of the Nation League they lost to France, as mentioned above, with a very dubious goal. Now, the Spanish team is back with the aim of returning to the team it was more than 10 years ago.

Let’s see who will win the World Cup 2022 and who will be ready for the next Euro Cup 2024.

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