AI-Powered Nory Raises $16M

AI-Powered Nory Raises $16M

Nory, a company specializing in tourism technology, has secured $16 million in a Series A funding round. The investment was led by Accel, with participation from Cavalry, Playfair, Samaipata, and Triplepoint. Based in Dublin, Nory has now raised a total of $25 million since its founding in 2020.

The company, founded by Conor Sheridan, is a one-stop shop for restaurants to manage and scale operations. It centralizes all of its operational data into a single source of truth, analyzing key insights in real-time.

Nory’s platform, which is especially useful for restaurants and cafes, uses AI-powered algorithms to predict daily and hourly demand.

Nory’s technology provides demand forecasts supported by historical and live data, enabling businesses to better anticipate customer flow. This capability is crucial for effectively managing busy and quiet periods, ultimately improving customer satisfaction by offering better service.

With AI-driven algorithms, Nory helps businesses make critical operational decisions regarding staff management and inventory control more effectively. By reducing unnecessary staffing costs and surplus inventory, operational efficiency is significantly enhanced. Optimizing the number of staff and stock at the right times leads to substantial cost savings.

The recent funding will enable Nory to further develop its platform and expand its market reach, bringing advanced AI solutions to more tourism businesses worldwide. The company’s innovative approach promises to transform how restaurants and cafes manage their daily operations, paving the way for a more efficient and customer-centric future in the tourism industry.

“The industry is facing challenges and complexities like never before. Operators don’t want more tools and apps that digitize every micro-workflow. They need technology that can give them real control over their business, their profitability and their destiny.

Nory is on a mission to help systemize success for the restaurant industry and to stack the odds in their favor. Our Series A funding will help us on our path to building the world’s largest restaurant technology company,” said Conor Sheridan, CEO and founder of Nory.

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