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Airalo Surpasses 10 Million Users, Launches Platform for Resellers and Corporates

Airalo has surpassed the 10 million users mark, underscoring its position as the world’s largest eSIM marketplace.

Alongside this achievement, the tech company proudly unveiled its latest innovation, Airalo Partners, an all-in-one B2B and B2B2C platform for travel agents, resellers, and corporates worldwide.

This milestone further establishes Airalo as the go-to connectivity solution for international travelers. Airalo’s 10+ million users come from over 230 countries and regions worldwide and can access its services in 53 languages. Airalo is the #1 travel app in mobile app stores in multiple countries, affirming its global appeal.

Alongside its impressive user growth, Airalo has also garnered the trust of over 5,000 partners that rely on its services to scale their business, grow their revenue, and keep their users, customers, and employees connected. To enhance the partner experience, Airalo has launched Airalo Partners, a B2B/B2B2C platform that empowers businesses to buy, manage, and share eSIMs with their customers or employees. Airalo Partners will complement Airalo’s existing partner offerings — Airalo Partner API and Airalo Affiliate Program — that have been widely adopted by businesses worldwide.

Co-founders Abraham Burak and Ahmet Bahadir Özdemir expressed their enthusiasm at surpassing the 10 million users mark and launching their new product, saying, “We are happy to see that millions of travelers have been finding their needs addressed in Airalo and grateful to be writing this new chapter of travel connectivity with them. With our new platform, Airalo Partners, along with our various business-to-business offers, we will extend Airalo’s innovative and affordable solution to businesses and organizations across the globe.”

Airalo continues to lead the way in revolutionizing travel connectivity for millions worldwide. As the company looks ahead, it remains dedicated to expanding its reach, enhancing its services, and forging new partnerships to further empower global travelers.

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Can you use Airalo? Here is what you need to know.

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