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Airbnb acquires travel planning tool Vamo

Airbnb, the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, has acquired travel planning tool Vamo for an undisclosed amount. Vamo announced today that they will be joining the amazing team at Airbnb. Vamo is a service that helps in the process of booking trips with stops in multiple cities, and shutting the product down.

Vamo wants to help people escape boring, cookie-cutter package tours, and instead customize their own dream vacation. Vamo is free to use, with the startup making money purely from hotel referral fees.

Vamo founder and CEO Ari Steinberg who was a long-time Facebook engineer said In a statement at Vamo’s website:

Complexities around international multi-city travel continue to exist, but we believe that in the long run we’ll be able to make even more significant improvements to the future of travel by joining Airbnb.

As of now, Vamo will not be accepting new registrations. For those of you that are in the middle of trip planning, Vamo will continue to accept reservations through the end of September. Starting October 1, functionality will become limited – you’ll be able to view your trips but you won’t be able to make any new reservations. Don’t worry, all bookings will be honored, even after September.

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