Hopin Acquires StreamYard

Hopin Acquires StreamYard

Hopin, the world’s leading all-in-one virtual event platform,  has acquired video streaming platform StreamYard

StreamYard is one of the easiest-to-use video streaming platforms that lets users add features and engaging elements to their live stream, including branding, lower thirds, animations, transitions, pre-recorded video, and more.

Johnny Boufarhat, Founder and CEO of Hopin, said, “Both Hopin and StreamYard grew exponentially in 2020. StreamYard’s story is fascinating — two engineers grew a software company to $12 million, all on their own. In 2020, they built out their team to 19 and that number expanded to over $30 million. All bootstrapped. Similarly, Hopin, backed by great investors, scaled from zero revenue and six employees to $30 million and 300 employees. “

The acquisition combines the beautiful video production quality of StreamYard with the full end-to-end live events experience of Hopin.

“Going forward, both StreamYard and Hopin users will continue to be able to use the services they know and love as they always have — no abrupt or sudden changes will happen. Only once we begin learning the best way to make the customer experience better will we begin to create a roadmap to bring both product experiences closer together. We look forward to listening and learning together with our communities,” added Boufarhat.

Hopin and StreamYard were independently highly-rated platforms that top global event teams used to power their virtual events — StreamYard for professional and easy-to-use broadcasts and Hopin for end-to-end event management and hosting the live event experience. 

Together, as one company, Hopin and StreamYard will deliver an unrivaled value proposition in the market and will enable our customers with the tools to seamlessly produce the best virtual and hybrid events.

StreamYard will eventually replace the Hopin Studio (a.k.a “the backstage”) and power all Hopin Stages, enabling all of the customers to host professional-grade quality broadcasts at every event. The result is higher quality and more engaging events across the Hopin platform that are easy to manage.

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