ONCE IN A LIFETIME Hotel Affiliation

A New Luxury Hotel Affiliation is Launched

ONCE IN A LIFETIME is a new hotel affiliation programme that aims to gather together like-minded hotel properties based on their size, quality and sense of innovation.

Each hotel must share common aesthetic and artistic values and be an ambassador for its destination.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME is based on an unwavering commitment to quality and is proposing new way of discovering different destinations and exclusive places. Listening attentively to each hotelier will allow this new affiliation to meet their members’ needs. Each property will be valued as an integral part of this exclusive group and as such will merit the investment.

once in a lifetime founders

This project was initiated by Didier and Olivia le Calvez, who have recognised in the course of their careers that luxury hotels are looking for a new type of hotel affiliation for a variety of reasons. With a wealth of experience gained with some of the biggest brands in the hotel industry, Didier and Olivia Le Calvez have created several exceptional companies over recent years in the luxury hospitality sector. A respected figure in the international luxury hotel business, Didier Le Calvez has worked in the world’s most prestigious palace hotels. Always in tune to their environment, Olivia and Didier are aware of the need for constant innovation. By creating ONCE IN A LIFETIME, they and their team wish to provide a new solution to the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s travellers.

Beyond the affiliation program, ONCE IN A LIFETIME provides and guarantees management support as well as financial expertise, the key to success and profitability. It is an alternative affiliate programme that places the excellence of the hotel experience at the heart of its strategy. The aim is to develop a range of like-minded members, whilst at the same time preserving the uniqueness of each one. There will only be 100 full members around the world.

Villa Clarisse & Spa, created in 2010 by Olivia Le Calvez on the Ile de Ré in France is the first member of ONCE IN A LIFETIME. This tastefully renovated former cloister is a haven of peace located in the heart of the village of Saint- Martin-de Ré and is totally representative of the destination. To date, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, following a very selective process, has identified around fifteen potential affiliates. We will be in touch before the end of the first quarter of 2021 to announce new members, whereas the name of the CEO will be revealed during the second quarter.

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