JEEVES: Munich Airport's Revolutionary Snackbot

Meet JEEVES: Munich Airport’s Robot Selling Snacks

Munich Airport now features a groundbreaking service robot, JEEVES, offering passengers the convenience of shopping for drinks and snacks on the go.

It marks the first-ever deployment of such a robot in an airport setting, originally designed for the hotel and healthcare sectors.

JEEVES, named after a character from an English novel known for reliability and skill, provides travelers with a selection of chilled beverages and snacks.

The robot supports various cashless payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major credit cards, making transactions seamless.

The snackbot is 110 centimeters tall and moves autonomous through the gate area on Levels 4 and 5 in Terminal 2 at Munich Airport. It stops when passengers come near it or step into its path. A large touchscreen is used to complete the purchase.

The robot, a creation of Munich-based start-up “Robotise,” is undergoing a year-long trial by Terminal 2 Gesellschaft, a joint venture of Munich Airport and Lufthansa. This initiative aims to enhance airport logistics, explore passenger acceptance, and enrich the travel experience, aligning with Munich Airport’s reputation as a center for innovation.

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