Phocuswright’s Top Six Technology Trends for 2015

Travel sales, which totaled $1.3 trillion in 2014, are expected to rise 6% in 2015, and competition will be intense. Phocuswright announced its six technology trends of the year in the recent Innovation Edition publication, Travel Innovation and Technology Trends 2015. This year’s Travel Innovation and Technology Trends pinpoints the biggest trends that businesses need to consider before making their next technology investments.

The 2015 trends focus on the customer and the trip experience:

  1. No CEM, No Customers
  2. A Market of One: The Brass Ring?
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Open Opportunities
  4. Collaborative Consumption
  5. Digital Marketing – No Time (or Space) to Waste
  6. Super Trend: Building the Seamless Travel Experience
    1. Content Remains King
    2. Connecting Travelers and Trips

“For technology futurists, this is a great time,” said Phocuswright analyst, Bob Offutt. “We are able to observe in real time how new technology affects and improves our lives, enables new business opportunities, and allows new and different kinds of human-machine interaction.”

The keys to business and personal progress in this tech-enabled era are connectivity and interoperability. Connectivity is already very high – there are mobile phone accounts for 96% of the people on the planet, and approximately 40% of the global population has Internet access.1 This connectivity is rapidly becoming the foundation for the global economy – and leveraging hyper connectivity for business value has just begun.

For more detail, access or purchase ($500) the full publication, Travel Innovation and Technology Trends 2015.

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