Venice Exceeds Revenue Expectations with New Tourist Entry Fee

Between April 25 and May 2, Venice welcomed 144,645 day visitors who each paid a 5-euro entry fee, resulting in earnings of 723,225 euros.

The city’s recent initiative to implement an entry charge for tourists has paid off substantially, accumulating a seven-month forecasted revenue in just the first eight days.

Officials report that these earnings have exceeded municipal expectations. This revenue boost supports the city’s efforts to manage the influx of tourists, indicating that the entry fee has not deterred visitors.

Venice’s Entry Fee Implementation

In September 2023, the Venice City Council approved a measure to manage tourist overcrowding through an entry fee. This pilot program, spanning 29 specific days, aims to test the impact of the charge during peak tourist periods.

Tourists planning day visits to Venice during these designated days can pay the fee through the “Contributo di Accesso a Venezia” (Venice Entry Contribution) website. This system ensures that the city can continue to welcome tourists while managing its resources effectively.

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